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As a college student myself, I've met many different kinds of college students. Today's college students adapt to their own way of learning and this results in a variety of different personalities. Some college students are negatively stereotyped as apathetic, ill-informed and self-centered. However, there are also college students who possess good working attitudes and are totally opposites of what has been mentioned.College students have been negatively stereotyped as apathetic mainly because of their working attitudes in a classroom setting. They are usually the underachievers who are often absent from class. If they decide to come for lessons, they are often the latecomers who stroll into class noisily and talks extremely loudly in lessons to distract their peers. If they are not given the attention, they will be constantly using their phones playing games or even sleeping in class right in front of their teachers. These kind of college students are unresponsive, they are never seen studying and they never does their homework and assignments. They are the ones seated at the back of the class being a distraction to their classmates, constantly asking them if they want to skip classes together. They also do not acquire any knowledge from lessons and even if they get to pass the module, it is without doubt, with very low grades. These apathetic students are often the ones thinking that they can still do well in life even if they drop out of school because Bill Gates was once a dropout who turned out to be a billionaire in the end.Some college students are ill-informed in a way where they have extremely poor studying habits or unqualified teachers who are incapable of providing them with the necessary knowledge they require during lessons. When they have the lazy and boring teachers, they lose interest in the subjects they are studying which results in a "just getting by" habit for the rest of the semester.Another type of college students are the self centered ones who only cares about how they are doing and do not render help to their classmates. They are also known as the high achievers who are closet muggers at the same time. They do well for classes and they strive to be the cream of the crop without letting others know that they are constantly studying for their papers. They are dreadfully selfish and whenever a...

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1441 words - 6 pages than 7% of the student population (U.S. News). So although I can identify with many in this sub-culture within America I cannot relate with nearly as many people of this sub-culture at Troy University. I can still create relationships with college students in general despite my major. There are not many nonverbal factors to analyze for this sub-culture but there are quite a few verbal factors. College students have a language of their own

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