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Students And Chronic Sleep Deprivation: How School Start Times Can Impact This

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Students sacrifice sleep for school all the time, whether to its stay up late and complete assignments or to wake up early just to make it to class on time.This routine in students has become normal, if not expected, in today's society. What most of the general population does not know, however, is how important sleep actually is or how this growing ritual in students is a serious problem that can lead to many physical and mental health problems, and can even lower their grades. However, there are many solutions to this problem. For instance, being allowed to wake up later and therefore obtain more sleep would not only improve the student's overall health but also promote their grades and ...view middle of the document...

This also affects a student's grades, because if a student is missing a significant amount school their grades will lower, and then they risk failing the course, simply because they were not there to learn the material.A simple solution is making school start times later in the day according to Øystein Vedaa, "Later school start times can prolongate the amount of sleep and maximize a student's' alertness in early morning classes thus, also improving their grades. Some of the physical effects of sleep deprivation are: "Changes in evening cortisol, increased sympathetic activation, decreased thyrotropin activity, and decreased glucose tolerance"(Gruber 2). Sleep deprivation can even affect the health of one's mind,as stated by B. Lossl some effects of sleep deprivation on mental health are: "Students with insufficient sleep report decreased self-esteem, increased sleepiness, impaired mood, and exhibit a more risk-taking behaviour "(2). As proven by multiple scientist sleep is important. It affects a lot of aspects in one's health. How long is it going to take for school systems to wake up and realize that they can make a huge effort in improving student's health?

Some would argue that students are sleep deprived because they do not go to sleep early enough due to social media and technology, however this is not always the case. In a case conducted by Cari Gillen-O'Neel it was proven that students habitually sacrifice sleep for additional study time (2) Gillen-O'Neel then further states that: "Study time is one of the most significant determinants of high school students' sleep time, more so than time spent with friends or family or time spent using media" (2).So, actually school is the reason students are sleep deprived, between extremely earlier school start times and a mass of homework, students no longer have time to sleep.This pattern of neglecting sleep is not sudden it is taught. According to Fukuda and Ishihara, "Adolescents start high school sleeping for fewer hours than they need, and this sleep deprivation worsens over the course of high school. As students get older that amount of sleep the attain lessons. Students need eight to nine hours of sleep in...

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