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Students In America Are Lagging In Science Scores Internationally

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Students in America have been lacking on science scores compared to the international scores from other countries. It is well-known that science can help move civilization to the next level, but it all starts in school.

“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”-Carl Sagan. The imagination of the future revolves around the skills taught in a science class. The 21st century is predicted to produce aircraft such as jetpacks and man-flying bikes and many more extravagant inventions. Based on the science scores, it seems Americans have to wait another century before eye-popping inventions are introduced or until other countries reach the mark. America is ranked ...view middle of the document...

China’s population is just above a billion people and it fits for a greatly educated country. China’s society is futuristic with new gadgets and high employment. Another form of analyzing the PISA testing is seeing the top models in each country. USA only had 2% of teenagers in that level who has natural skills in thinking and reasoning. Shanghai, whihch is the largest city in China, had 31% of its students scoring at this level which is highest amongst all tested countries since the average of students in this category is 3%. One idea came to state officials in taking the PSIA to its students which were Massachusetts, Florida, and Connecticut. Massachusetts scored above international average; Connecticut only scored above US average; Florida scored below US average. This information helps lead education reformers to what states provide most attentions such as Massachusetts and to replicate the technique and environment in Massachusetts. Despite the high performance of Massachusetts, 19% are proficiency, Shanghai recorded 55% of students are proficient. The company making the PISA stated that it would take two more school years for the recoded proficiency to match. Fortunately, there are education reform leaders who presents a bright solution to all the despairing statistics.
Although, American students perform well in science compared to math, science’s scores still haven’t improved over time; whereas, math scores have risen. According, to “Trends in International Math and Science Study” eighth graders scores in 2007 placed the United States in the middle for science achievement, behind nine other countries.
The United States does not have a high percentages of top students in science compared to Japan and Russia. Only ten percent hit the benchmark on the TIMSS in 2007 compared to the thirty two percent in Singapore and the 13 percent in Hungary. In the first seven years of the 21st century, the number of people entering science and engineering jobs grew at the smallest rate since the National Science Foundation began tracking the data in the 1950s. Scientists from other countries began filling about application for jobs in America. 25 percent of all workers that went to college in U.S. science and engineering jobs in 2003 were born abroad, but they can’t work on national defense projects and may be sent home.

Results from 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progressive in science that came out January 2011, showed that American...

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