Students Must Be Provided With The Skills Necessary For Success

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Students MUST be Provided with the Skills Necessary for Success

Have you ever seen an eighth grader, who has no mental or physical disabilities, struggle through basic third grade math? Throughout high school I have and it has become a common sight in our schools. Some were placed in remedial classes, while others sat next to me in some of my honor’s course. Students are being passed through school without being taught the basic skills necessary to be successful in today’s society. Measures need to be taken so that these students are not pushed through school and thrown into the real world without the skills necessary to succeed. The solution to this is through standardized classes and periodic evaluations of both teachers and students.
In the past standardized classrooms have been looked down upon, because of the concept that all students do not learn at the same rate. This is true; there shouldn’t be a standard that is untouchable for most students. There should be a standard so that when a student graduates he or she is prepared to be a productive part of society. Besides just having a standard there must be some way to check that it is being followed.
     There are standards in place now that try and make sure that a student is learning what he or she needs to graduate. These are in the forms of test. The problem with these tests is that they are taken every few years. By this time a student may be so far behind and lack the skills necessary that it would take a miracle to have him or her master the essential skills. Another problem with this is finding out where they went wrong. The way these evaluations should be done is by looking at several of the student’s tests during the school year. This will also make sure the teacher is on track and teaching the assured skills. This process also allows the teacher to know where her students stand among the other classes being taught the same thing. These standards and evaluations would also make the teacher take more time to prepare for class.
Too many times teachers look at what they have to cover in a given school year and say it is too much, sometimes because they are too lazy to prepare a proper lesson plan. They then do not follow the guidelines set by you, the state. I have been in a class where we were way behind kids that were taking the same course but a different teacher. This hurts the kids and I that were in my far behind classes because we were denied the proper skills that the course should provide. A teacher with a standard to follow will now have to motivate his or herself...

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