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High School Students Need To Think, Not Memorize

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” (Albert Einstein). What if I told you this was true? What if I told you that not everything we are taught in school is true? What if I told you that our school system doesn't even teach us true math and science? This may sound absurd, but the answers to all of these questions is yes. Furthermore, every year more and more students are turning their backs to many rewarding career fields because of how our public school system misrepresents them. Public schools need to change their approach to education and implement creativity and critical thinking into their curriculums, without these concepts and with the current education practices students will be stunted intellectually and will not have the skills needed to thrive in the real world.
Nothing in this universe can be proven absolutely true. Not even any of the "facts" that I'm going to share with you can be proven absolutely true. Many supposed facts have been proven wrong throughout history. For example, it was once believed that the Earth was the center of the universe. It was later proven by Copernicus that it wasn't (Rabin). Recently it has been proven that it is! Though, any point in the universe is the center because of expansion due to dark matter. On the subject of dark matter, there is a misconception in almost every chemistry book that says the universe is composed entirely of atoms. It has been theorized now that only 4.6% of the whole universe is made of atoms (WMAP- Content of the Universe), the rest consisting of dark matter and dark energy. The truth is always changing. The one thing we can rely on though is our minds to make up a better approximation of the truth to better fit our observations.
I what i’m trying to say is curiosity and creative thinking skills are far more important than an education. Education is merely a tool. This tool can’t always get the job done correctly and often has to be fixed or replaced entirely. Curiosity and critical thinking though, breed new concepts and innovation; they are the fabricators of tools, the keys to the future, the light in our world of uncertainty. I'm not saying that you don’t need an education. I'm just saying that without these things you won't be able to use your education to its full potential.
There are many success stories of people who have embraced creativity and higher level thought. Sir Isaac Newton invented Calculus while his school was shut down due to the plague ("A Brief History of Calculus"). Steve Jobs, a college school dropout, founded one of the most successful computer companies there is. Albert Einstein, a person who was considered a slow learner as a child (Keirsey Temperament Website - Portrait of the Rational® Architect (INTP): Albert Einstein), challenged many of the generally accepted scientific postulates...

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