Students' Perception Of Online Advertisements On Fashionable Clothes

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The continuous development, existence, and wide use of online advertisements today could be a justification of its effectiveness especially in today’s modernized world. It is said to be that the appearance of first online advertisements in the web dated back through the year 1994, marking the start of online advertisements. This is the era of banner ads. Moreover, further developments on online advertising occurred until it reached the world on social media. Social media advertising makes it easier for the advertisements be recognized even faster than before because of the billions of users in the social sites. With this modern kind of marketing campaign, online advertisements would easily go viral (Arandilaa, 2011).
According to Tmong and Simmons (2010), “with the growth of advertising utilizing digital media, negative consumer perceptions relating to intrusiveness are believed to be challenging the claimed added value of this medium over traditional media.”Since online advertisements are present on social media as mentioned earlier, and many are engaged on these sites, there may be different perceptions of consumers upon seeing these kinds of online advertisements.
On the other hand, this paper is based on a study conducted by Vinerean, Cetina, Dumitrescu, & Ttchindelean. The focus of their study was on the effects of social media marketing on online consumer behaviour. It is based on a study regarding the online activities of social media users by identifying different types of users and to observe how different social networking sites have a positive impact on the respondents' perception of online advertisements. (Vinerean, Cetina, Dumitrescu, & Ttchindelean, 2013). The answer can help discover how different audiences maximize the effect of online strategy.
With the vast and wide use of different forms of advertisements, online advertisement perhaps is the latest way of introducing products to consumers. Most especially, almost all people have their own social media sites where these kinds of ads are mostly seen. Therefore, the exposure of online advertisements is getting high. Upon seeing online advertisements, each for sure has their own perceptions. This is about how they see or what they think about this kind of viral marketing strategy.
Considering that there are many types of consumers; professionals, employees, and students, each have their own reactions and views upon seeing online advertisements. Some may get curious and entertained while some may get annoyed and see it as a disturbance on their work.
Due to that, the researchers prefer to have students’ perception of online advertisements on fashionable clothes as the research problem since it is now on trend. The study will help the researchers and the purchasers as well in elaborating their own views with regard to online advertisements from the perceptions and impact due to its advantages.
The study focuses generally on students’ perception of online advertisements on...

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