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"Students Should Not Be Forced To Do Community Service" This Essay Explains The Negative Effects Of Forcing Students To Fulfill A Community Service Requirement In High School.

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Do you think you would have the time and effort to add a forced 75 hours of community service into your life? Well, the Massachusetts legislature is considering adding this idea as a requirement to graduate high school! To those already with the high stakes of MCAS and 130 credits worth of courses to pass, students may increase the dropout rate. This requirement may keep many students back from graduating, could lessen the quality of service, and add more pressure to the already hectic life of a high school teenager. Students should not be commanded to do 75 hours of community service!To begin, requiring 75 hours of community service could be a disservice to students because it could hold many back from graduating. A lot of students have a very busy schedule and might not be able to do the required amount of time of community service. It may be mandatory to go somewhere or to do something such as, work, sports, and family occasions. They wouldn't be able to attend the voluntary work. Community service can lower students grades because of a lack of time to do homework and a lack in study habits. This can hurt a students' grades and record. In addition, physically and mentally disabled high school students might not be able to participate in community service and they may have to stay back.The quality of the community service work might not be the best if the students are forced to do the 75 hours of work. The students may not want to do it, so they may not give the same effort as volunteers would. Other students think they will waste their senior year or social events (prom, football games, etc.) You wouldn't want to miss out on preparing for the prom or the last football game of the...

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589 words - 3 pages about this topic. I heard from many different people about their opinions on community service. Community Service is a learning experience for students and I learned there are many effecting benefits of helping in community service but there is many disadvantages of having it in the school curriculum. Community Service is an effective use of time and should be practiced everyday in our lives to make a difference. Overall, community service should be encouraged, but used to a certain extent and not forced.

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