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Students & Seniors: Similarities And Differences In Their Lives

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I decided to compare and contrast the elderly and college students, not to show ageism, but to see the similarities and differences in their lives. To observe students I went to Ventura College and to elderly home observed how both groups interacted in certain areas I concentrated on transportation, workforce, friendships, dependency, and time management, their lifestyles, dress style, diet, education and attitude towards life.
I started my research in the parking lot of Ventura College. I wanted to see the student’s transportation. I notice that most of their vehicles where older models with chipped, sun-baked paint, and had minor dents or scratches. Next, I asked students if they had a job and if so what kind a work they did Most of the students said they where unemployed, but the ones who did work said they worked at restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores. I also wanted to know the average income this was a little more challenging because most of them were not willing to discuss how much they made. In my research I found that the average income for students was around $25,000 a year.
Next, I ask them about their housing situation. Do they rent an apartment; live with parents or roommates, and weather they lived in a house or an apartment? The students I surveyed said they were either living with their parents or roommates. It seemed like most students have a hard time living in an apartment by themselves because rent is to high. Another hard topic to ask about was whether they depend on someone or where independent. Students I asked said they were either somewhat dependence on their friends or their parents. Most students are dependent on their parents’ income and housing to meet their needs as they are going to college. A few students said they were independent and could make it on their own.

Then I went around and asked “ Do you have a companion?” some student said yes and others said no, but they would like to. Back to my list, I ask the student their friendships. Some answered, “I have a lot friends but that is on social media networking sites”. Which leads me to my next question I asked about actual friends that you talk to and see on a daily basis. The most common answer seemed to be that they have few true friends but a lot of acquaintances
After asking all my question students I wanted to observe the students and see how they where feeling and what emotions they had in common. Most of the students expressed were happiness but somewhere upset about things in their lives. I went out asking students how they spent their time and got a variety of answers. Some said I work at my job, or go to school while spent their time other raising my kids time spending my with family and friends. As I walked around the campus I look to see how most students dressed. I was surprised to see that females and male students dressed similar both wore graphic tees with blue jeans I also took notice of their lifestyles through the way there...

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