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Students Shouldn't Be Drug Tested Essay

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Recently, in our school, students have had to undergo random drug testing if they are in extracurricular activities or if they drive to school. This topic is important to me because it is something that is going on in our school. It is also something that will eventually happen to me. Some pros to drug testing students is that it may get students away from drugs and that it may help someone see the consequences of doing drugs. Some cons to this testing is that it is very expensive and that the results may come back as a false positive or a false negative. A comment is that all school faculty should be drug tested. There are many good and bad sides. I will show you some of both. In this essay, the topic that will be discussed is that students shouldn’t be drug tested.

A “pro” to students being drug tested is that it might help students get away from drugs. “The benefits to drug testing are obvious. It may make a big dent in the drug usage in public schools.” (Albow) Doctors and parents would be alerted about the kids using drugs. Then, they would work on getting clean. It also makes a statement about being a team player, to respect your body, and know what it means to really show up and compete. Another reason is that students are hooked on really harmful and terrible drugs, such as heroin and Adderall, a medication. These drugs could ruin someone’s life, and it needs to be stopped. There are many reasons for drug use in teens. One reason is to escape from reality. However, I’m not saying that this is a good thing to do. Also, teens on drugs that are playing sports are more likely to get hurt. (Albow, 1-8) It could cause them to get concussions or other injuries.

A “con” to drug testing students is the cost. These tests cost between $15 and $35 each. The cost adds up quickly when it involves so many students. According to a New York times report, to drug test 500 students each year, it costs $100,000. For other schools, like the Florida High School Athletic Association and the Illinois High School Association, both cost $100,000 to test 600 and 650 students. (Davis, 5) Where does this money come from? Schools don’t get that much money, because they’re a non profit organization. We could save the $100,000 and spend it somewhere else.

Another “pro” to random drug testing is that it may make kids see the consequences of doing drugs. If they do get caught, they will get in a lot of trouble. They will most likely work on getting clean, so they don’t have to go through the same thing twice. In South Harrison, if you were to fail your drug test, or get caught with illegal drugs or alcohol, there will be serious consequences. The first thing that will happen is the student will be placed at a level 4 or above on the Behavior Management plan, which calls for a minimum of 3 days out of school suspension. The next thing that will happen is the student will be ineligible to participate in or attend, for 30 school days, any class-related or non-class...

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