Students Who Commits Cyber Bullying Should Be Suspended From School

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Desmand TuTu South African social rights activist once said “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor, if an elephant has its foot on the tail of mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate you neutrality.” Cyber Bullying is a crime and the people who do not take any step against it are also a part of this crime. As Desmand TuTu also mention that tolerating injustice situation is harming one’s own self. Cyber bullying can be deleterious in many ways such as; it can be proved to be more harmful than bullying, different mental problems can be occurred from it and government has introduced many laws for cyber bully. ...view middle of the document...

Bullying mostly stays in school or outside your house but in home you can feel secure but in cyber bullying there is no way out. It can come about any time, no matter where the victim is and how far the bully is, victim cannot get freedom from it. This can cause intellectual problems which can be proved negative for a person.
Extreme psychological impacts can be resulted from cyber bullying, which can impairment an individual’s life and mental condition as well. “Students who are bullied [are] around 3 times more likely to be anxious and depressed” (Cyber bullying information and advice for teachers and principal).Depression is one of the swear mental illnesses which can cause many major harms and a person can cause troubles for their surrounding people and They can face many physical problems to for example weight gain or loss, sleepless or excessive sleep and low or high self esteem. The victims of bully are more stressed and fearful, they feel nervous talking to someone and they might think that everyone is laughing on them. “In a study of over, 3,000 students, one researcher found that 38% of bully victims felt vengeful, 37% were angry and 24% felt helpless” ( Hinduja, etal). It shows that most of the students who are bullied are more frustrated, intolerant and feel hopeless about themselves than normal students, this distresses their school life as well as their personal life; one cannot concentrate towards their studies and other activities. Cyber bullying should be banned in schools as it causes students to feel anxiety and harass them. They should be strict punishments for it and new laws should be introduced.
Government is taking measures against cyber bullying. Rigid steps should be taken against cyber bullying “Under the proposed legislation, anyone who post or distributes an intimate image of another person without their consent would face up to five years in prison” (Mayer). Cyber bullying happens online in which someone can post or transfer pictures without taking permission of an individual. This can persecute the victim or make them feel guilty in gatherings. Government has taken strict steps toward this so they can stop bullying. Bully attackers can be in big trouble and will have to stay for five years in jail so they can learn not to take an advantage of anyone or not to bother anyone. In the eyes of law cyber bullying is considered as an offense. “Changes to the provinces Safe School act [are] introduced to stop students from posting comments, pictures, or videos attacking another sites such as...

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