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Studies Fail To Prove A Direct Link To Violence In Television Causing Real Life Violence.

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Studies Fail to Prove a Direct Link to Violence in Television Causing Real-Life ViolenceMany people believe that the violence in today's world is a direct link to the violence seen on television. If this were true everyone would be violent. Nearly every home in America owns a television, and many spend several hours a day watching it. Yet, they do not become violent; it is only a selected few in retrospect. The television industry wants to blame parents for not taking enough responsibility in what their children watch. However, some researchers feel that television has little, if any, effect on a person's violence. A person's environment has a lot to do with how violent they will become as they grow up. The studies done on the subject of violence on television and real-life violence are inconclusive and only appear to show the facts. Since so many studies fail to prove a link and there appears to be other factors involved when a person becomes violent television must not be to blame for real-life violence.Parents want to blame television for their children acting out. In a response to that censorship mechanisms like the V-chip and rating systems are being used to prevent young people from viewing violent programming that is not appropriate for a young audience. Despite the fact that programs are too mature for a young audience, marketers continue to aim for children. It is a known fact that violence sells. In 1999 American Enterprise noted that, "more than seven out of ten Americans say they think the TV industry needs to do more to reduce the amount of violence it unleashes to the public," (Torr 4). At the same time however they continue to watch these violent programs. The television audience would rather watch a news broadcast of a car wreck then issues on wellness and kindness. The television industry knows this and that is why commercials for violent programs are shown during the hours the industry knows children are watching. Children have a large impact on what the family will watch and buy. Magazines geared toward younger people have ads promoting shows with violence in them too. Those behind the marketing of television and other media products feel that parents and those who sell products to children need to start taking more responsibility. Therefore, parents need to be responsible for teaching their children the difference between right and wrong so they are able to differentiate between violence on television and violence in real-life. Just because children see it on TV does not give them the right to reenact what they saw. The majority of children refrain from reenacting what they watch on TV because they know not to. For the individuals who are violent, their aggression is probably due to other aspects.There are many factors that can cause aggression in a person. For instance, there can be neurological, hormonal, or biological abnormalities that could cause violence. There can be chemical imbalances in a person that could need...

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