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Studiying In The United Kingdom Essay

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Hi. I am Akberov Dzhakhar and I live in Baku, Azerbaijan. Nowadays, I am student of 11th grade of lyceum named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva, one of the most prestigious lyceums in Azerbaijan. In 2014 I will graduate this lyceum.
Today, I have a wide diversity of hobbies and activities from reading various kinds of books to skiing during winters. In general, I like to have an active life, to be always in a stream of events that happen every day around us and so I am member of several communities in Azerbaijan. I speak 5 languages : English, Russian, German, Turkish and Azerbaijani and I find learning languages very interesting, because learning languages allows us to know more ...view middle of the document...

There, in 2003 I started school#4.
At the age of 9, in 2006, i with my family moved from Norilsk to Baku, to the capital of my motherland-Azerbaijan. Baku is a manufacturing and economical center of the whole Caucasus, and of course, it is famous all around the world with its high-quality oil. In 1848 in Baku was constructed first oil derrick in the human history and since that time there is an industrial growth in Baku, which continues nowadays. In this city of winds, in 2008, i took the first place in Math olympiad and a year later I became participant of Microsoft summer school in Baku, where I developed my leadership skills, became more confident in myself, and it helped me very much in my future life. I think leadership skills are important to form as a professional engineer, because in majority of cases engineers work with crews and engineering teams and so it is important to persuade them that what you offer is the best way in this or another problem. If engineer has professional engineering skills and at the same time is a good leader, all doors in engineering world are open for him or her.
When i was on 8th grade, in 2011, I entered with a high score to the lyceum named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva, and it was beginning of the new stage in my life. There I met new people, I entered to a new society and I made many friends there. The main difference of our lyceum from other schools and lyceums in Azerbaijan is that in our lyceum classes are divided into 4 groups according main subjects taught there. First group is engineering group, second is economical, third is humanitarian and fourth is medical. Of course I entered to the first group, where the main subjects are Mathematics and Physics which are my favorite.
From my childhood I always wanted to be engineer to construct various things, to make life more comfortable and convenient. Different programs about various discoveries in engineering and architecture were always interesting to me. Playing LEGO was my favorite hobby, and my relatives used to be surprised seeing me playing with so big passion. It seems to me that i might have constructed almost everything from it, from big houses to rockets. Sometimes I used to dismantle some of my toys and create something new, for example one day I disassembled two my cars and constructed from them train. I remembered that day well because in that day I realized that I wanted to be an engineer. Year by year, I feel that my passion to engineering is expanding very rapidly.
In February 2013 I participated in Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Azerbaijan (ISEF) project Olympiad, where I took the second place in engineering nomination. The main purpose of my project was to develop and calculate the specifications of bio plateau with reed and their effectiveness to purify inland waters before they reach the reservoirs. Nowadays, in many countries, including Azerbaijan, the river water contains a large...

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