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Study Abroad Program Essay

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After I got my diploma I tried to create a perfect plan for my future. In order to achieve my personal goals I concentrated on two main things: improving my education and getting a job. I decided to continue my education and obtain a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering which I registered in Technical College at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When I received the admission letter from that college I prepared my bags and left my parents' house to go to Riyadh to pursue my goal. This was the first time being away from them. I studied hard in order to earn that certificate I felt that the time was running too slow while I was there. While studying at that college, I found out about a program of scholarships. This program had many conditions and a long process for the application. I didn’t hesitate to enroll in that program. It was an excellent opportunity to get a better education and was offer in one of the most sophisticated countries around the world. Therefore, I made a decision to take advantage of this opportunity, because opportunities like this only come once in our lifetime. I didn’t know they will accept me in the program to study in the U.S. and after two weeks I got good news from them. I struggled between leaving my career unfinished at that college and completing this in the U.S.
A crucial moment in my life came when I saw my name among the participants for the admissions to the scholarships on the final stage. At that moment, I’ve made my mind about this opportunity. I asked my family and friends for some advice and they said go because you will learn several valuable things, including the development of language. You will get a certificate from a country where education is a very sophisticated and one of the best countries in the world with the best jobs wanted. I was confused with what should I choose, because I had an offer from a good company in my country. In addition, this is a famous company that works in the Oil field and many people search to get job there. At that time, I was very worried about when I was going to complete my studies and obtain a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. I was between the registration and acceptance for the job offer with Aramco Company, or going for the scholarships to study abroad. The thing that made me hesitant was that many members of my family and friends did not give me a consolidated view their opinion. Some of them encouraged me to go for the scholarship, to complete the study at the University of Riyadh, and others encouraged me to get the job. It was a really hard moment at that time of my life.
My mother was very hesitant because she does not want me to go far away and to study abroad. She is accustomed to see me most of the time home. When I asked her if she wants me to go abroad, stay in Saudi Arabia to complete my studies, and/or get a job there. She always said I would like for you to go and to study abroad even though I am not used to be far away from you. I was...

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