Study And Learning Skills How To Develop Your Desireable And Essential Abilities.

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"Major Assignment."(Part A)With completion of the Study and Learning module, I have noticed this term alone has been exceptionally productive yet out of the ordinary. Following a comprehensive inspection of the overview involving my abilities I will make use of a report format and the advice I received during the module to illustrate with use of sufficient evidence from the daily learning logs to support any claims I have made.I will also state the degree of progression, which has been reached whilst development of each one of the essential abilities had undergone.During the second half of the assignment, I will make reference to the minor assignment, (which I had completed during week four) at this stage of the assignment I will discuss and explain the progress, which was made to the two chosen desirable abilities via the plan structured during the minor assignment. Not forgetting adequate proof will be shown with reference to learning logs to support the claims that were made.Finally yet importantly the concluding additions, which will complete the assignment will be based upon the modified ELT Framework (which was used to develop my abilities with regard to the progress I had made) preceded by an evaluation and any suggestions of whichever new modifications which I feel would be appropriate with explanations backing my theory.Principally, essential abilities are the core abilities, which I must develop along, side this module. There are also Desirable abilities, which I will also look at in this assignment. The differences, which exist between the desirable and essential abilities, are:Desirable:Are abilities, which an individual would like to be able to achieve.Essential:Are abilities, which academically show a strong significance. This type of ability an individual must be able to accomplish at one stage or another.Reflecting back, the essential abilities, which I came across, during Study and Learning module were:*Basic C & IT skills:(The ability to use computers more extensively than just searching for information, sending e-mails, and receiving e-mails. But also performing basic file management by creating, saving and printing documents.)*Information Searching:(Simply resolving any low scale problems using the techniques of searching for information whilst in the process learning needs are identified.)*Note Taking & Making:(With use made of books, journals, articles, lecture notes, and any other related sources to the course for performing a record, annotation, or even just adding value to the notes made from lectures.)*Preparation & Taking examinations:(Revising for examinations both formal and informal and making full use of any self-assessment opportunities available throughout the course/module.)*Awareness of Plagiarism:(When using web-based documents or even published sources there should be an understanding of what procedures should be concerned when making reference to any kind of resources within essays or...

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