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Study Design For Customer Loyalty To Restaurants

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A methodology is written to ensure that the findings created from a study are reliable and valid to ensure that the correct research instruments are utilised (Marczyk et al., 2010). The purpose of this chapter is to detail the process of this study to achieve the aim and objective using a combination of primary and secondary research methods. It is found that a large range of literature regarding the topic of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. However, there is a shortage of literature within the specific fast food industry. The study found that individuals are loyal to different restaurants for different reasons and it was thought that primary research should be conducted to further research into what should be improved by the fast food industry to maintain loyalty from customers. The study incorporates the use of an inductive research approach, where a theory is created after the research is collected rather than a deductive approach, where a theory is created first only tested by the data collected ( Engel and Schutt, 2005).
The methodology will firstly explain how the secondary research was collected and it will provide a framework to illustrate the collection of primary research. The chapter will discuss the use of the pilot study and the type of sampling that has chosen. It then discuss exactly how the study was conducted and how the data was analysed.
“Secondary research includes any research based on secondary sources, especially other researcher’s books or articles” (Brown & Rogers, 2002:10). Secondary research are analyses data that have already been collected to meet research objectives (Saunders et al., 2012). Ghauri & Gronhaug (2010) further state that secondary research not only explain research problem, instead it will give a better understanding of the studies.
3.2.1 Literature Search
“An ideal search starts broadly and quickly narrows down to a focused search for just the right amount of information” (Maylor and Blackmon, 2005: 111). In this study, literature search was developed using research books, journals, and google scholar. The key words and phrases used for the literature search are shown in Table 3.1. Different key words have different results shown therefore there are plenty of research that great use to the study.
Key Words and Phrases
• Brand loyalty
• Customer satisfaction
• Fast food outlets
• Brand equity
• Customer loyalty
• Service Quality model
• Service quality
• Customer satisfaction and loyalty result increase profits • Relationship between brand loyalty and customer satisfaction
• Brand loyalty increase profits
• Customer expectation
• Customer loyalty in fast food outlets
• Customer satisfaction in fast food outlets
Table 3.1: Key Words and Phrases Used for Literature Search
The journals were extracted using the search engines Emerald, google scholar, Science Direct and Hospitality and Tourism Context. The books were using Manchester Metropolitan University All Saint Campus...

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