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Objectives of a scene designer
scene designer:
1) help set the tone and style of the production
2) establish the locale and period in which the play takes place
3) develop a design concept consistent with the director’s concept
4) provide a central image or metaphor, where appropriate
5) ensure that scenery is coordinated with other production elements
6) solve practical design problems

Role of the technical director, stage manager, producer, running crews.
technical director: person who oversees all technical aspects of a theatre production, especially the building, painting, and installation of scenery and related elements.
stage manager: person who coordinates all the rehearsals for the director and runs the actual show during its performances; RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTIAING THE DIRECTOR’S ARTISTIC INTENT AS WELL AS MAINTAINING CONSISTENTCY IN CUE PLACEMENT AND THE VISUAL WORLD OF THE PLAY.
producer: the person responsible for the business side of a production, including raiding the necessary money; manager; directors counterpart; securing rights to the script, dealing with the agents for the playwright, director, and performers; hiring the director, performers, designers, and stage crews; dealing with theatrical unions; renting the theatre space; supervising the work of those running the theatre: in the box office, auditorium, and business office; supervising the advertising; overseeing the budget and the week-to-week financial management of the production.
running crews: members of the technical crew who supervise and operate various technical aspects of the production, but are generally only working the actual performance.

Primary elements used by a costume designer
1) line, shape, and silhouette
2) color
3) fabric
4) accessories

The costume designer’s objectives
costume designer: the person responsible for the appearance of each performer onstage.
1) help establish the tone and style of a production
2) indicate the historical period of a play and the locale in which it is set
3) indicate the nature of individual characters or groups in a play: their stations in life, their occupations, their personalities
4) Show relationships among characters: separate major characters from minor ones, contrast one group with another
5) meet the needs of individual performers: make it possible for an actor or actress to move freely in a costume; allow performers to change quickly from one costume to another
6) be consistent with the production as a whole, especially with other visual elements.

Examples of humans early theatrical activities
-story telling and imitation
-ex. rituals, ceremonies (religious)

Greek chorus:
-originally a group of men who sang and danced a hymn praising Dionysus.
-key element of Greek drama
-characters portrayed by the chorus are usually ordinary citizens, and they had several functions
a) reacted the way people in the audience might react and thus became...

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