Study Guide For Wilson & Goldfarb, Chapters 1 9 Of Theater: The Lively Art

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(The terms below are not necessarily in the order of the chapters. In addition to using this review guide, be sure you have read all the assigned chapters.)

text/script: story, incident, or event put into theatrical form.
-provides the plan for a production, like a blueprint.
-understood to be the domain of the dramatist or playwright.
-a story was chosen to be told; selected dramatic episodes, including the order in which they were to unfold; and wrote the dialogue for the characters to speak.

live theatre: theatre is alive in a way that makes it different from every other form of dramatic presentation; lively art. you see the performer in person; taking place in the physical presence of the spectators.

the role of time and space in certain art forms
theatre is an art form with its own characteristics: its own quality, coherence, and integrity.
-visual arts exist in space, which is their primary mode of existence.
-music moves through time.
-music does not occupy space, series of sounds, and duration of notes and the pauses between notes carry a rhythm that is an essential part of music.
-time continuum as we move from one note to the next.
-theatre, dance, and opera occupy both time and space.

the effect of the audience on actors
-the performers can hear the laughter, can sense silence, and can feel tension in the audience.
-affects performance
-buoyed up by a responsive audience and discouraged by an unresponsive one.
-they will try as hard as possible to make contact with the actors.
-how involved the audience is in the play determines how the actor is being perceived.
- if the audience is not engaged the actors will do what they can to change their performance.
-audience is crucial due to the performer audience relationship
-the audience completes a sort of electrical circuit that provides the immediacy and excitement of the live theatre performance.
- the makeup of the audience is a key factor.

theatre as a performing art
-occupies both time and space.
-require interpreters as well as creators.
-require an audience
-event must be “live”

the essential elements of theatre
the essence of theatre is the interaction between performer and audience.

-theatre event is not complete without one
-people must see it and hear it
-participate vicariously through the mind and heart.
-people onstage presenting characters in a dramatic action (actors)
-must be able to create believability
-portrays the emotions of the characters
text or script: see above- with its structure, characters, and point of view.
-person who rehearses the performers and coordinates the work of the designers and others to make certain that the production is cohesive as well as exciting.
theatre space:
-space in which performers and the audience come together.
-stage, seating for audience, stage exits, costume change locations.
design elements:
-scenery, costume,...

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