Study: Is The It Lab Used For Entertainment And Educational Purposes?

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Computers serve as efficient data storage systems and excellent information processors. They can store, organize and manage huge amounts of data. Moreover, they operate on outstanding speeds, hence saving human time and effort to a large extent (Oak, 2008). Computers are not made solely for educational purposes. They can also be used for other things including providing entertainment to its user. An IT laboratory is usually a room set up in an educational institution to help students do assignments, conduct research and teach them computer education which is a vital skill in the world today. Computers have become a major part of the teaching process in most developed countries. It is provided for students to enable them have access to online information for doing assignments and studying. We now have situations whereby assignments can be submitted electronically, instead of going to knock on the door of your lecturer, they can be contacted via a school email provided by the institution. The advancement of computers in education has made the learning process easier for students. Most teenagers today have so much access to computers that it has become an integral part of their everyday lives, which makes it hard for computers in IT labs not to create a diversion in their education.
Although the computers aid in the teaching and learning process, they can also pose a huge distraction to students who can turn the IT lab into a lounge where they can come and sit down and talk, relate with one another, catch up on their favorite TV shows, read blogs or books for entertainment when they’re not having classes or during their free time.
This study aims to support a hypothesis that students use IT laboratories for entertainment purposes as well as educational purposes. This research was carried out amongst the foundation students at Lancaster...

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