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Study: Is There A Difference Between Normally Developed Children And Children Diagnosed With Autism?

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Discussion of Proposed Findings The first main purpose of this study will demonstrate a difference between normally developed children and children diagnosed with autism supporting the hypothesis that if autism affects task completion, then autistic children will have lower task completion than normally develop children. Results found in a study done by Jiang, Capistrano and Palm (2014), showed that children with autism had lower performance in spatial working memory and attention tracking than normally developed children. Ditcher et al. (2010) used the Dimensional Change Card Sort Task (DCCS) to test set-shifting in children with ASD; they found that ASD group performance was slower and ...view middle of the document...

Kunda and Goel’s study better defines why visual communication will contribute to a higher task completion. Autistic children will use their ‘thinking in picture’ abilities to complete the task; having the pictures in the instructions will make the task easier to understand, increasing the likelihood of task completion. Walkowiak (2014) studied elementary school children and their ability to analyze pictorial patterns. Results showed that pictorial growth tools helped children develop algebraic thinking. The present study results go according to Walkowiak’s study; the visual communication results for normally developed children will also show a higher task completion, because the pictures will aid the children on tasks and they will have an actual representation of how the end result would look, thus, making it easier for them to complete the task. The type of communication will support the EF theory because it shows how the different types of communication can affect the children’s’ cognitive abilities (eg set-shifting, planning, inhibition, etc. ) used to complete a task.
The proposed results suggests an interaction between the type of communication and children with ASD; thus, supporting the hypothesis that normally developed children will have higher task completion than autistic children. However, normally develop children and autistic children have a high difference when it comes to verbal communication. These results also support Walkowiak’s study involving children who used pictorial growth tools. In the present study, pictures will assist normally developed children in their task completion; however, normally develop will show a greater difference in verbal communication compared to autistic children. Berninger and Abbott (2010) found that listening comprehension and written comprehension contribute to reading comprehension as well as a bidirectional relationship between listening comprehension and reading comprehension. The results will support Berninger and Abbott because normally developed children will have a higher completion under verbal communication than written, indicating that verbal communication contributes to written communication. Children need to be able to have listening comprehension first to understand the reading instructions. This interaction fits with the EF theory because it is shows the impairment autistic children have with cognitive abilities. Although the type of communication might benefit these abilities, the impairment is still present when compared with normally developed children.
Confounds The study presented will use autistic children and normally developed children. Some autistic children may have had exposure to some type of treatment to increase their social skills, specifically, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), where autistic children are first taught to initiate a request by selecting picture cards and exchanging them with a communicative partner. By the end of the transaction, users...

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