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NotationWhy are Notes valuable?- record most important parts of research materials- provide a permanent, authorative written record that can be referred to- organize research and learning skills- helps summarizing the material Note-making Methods1. Outlining- notepaper, index cards, or a computer can be used- feature only most important informationSteps:- record full bibliographic information from the source (author, title, publisher, volume, page numbers); don't use abbreviations; write neatly- when noting, indicate page reference for the information on the paper or card used- indicate main idea/theme of the note- in point form, summarize secondary ideas, supporting information or details; note subtopics with capital letter and bullet point further information/details- number pages/cards consecutively for each source- keep work in a folder, separated by source with paper clips; computer files must be backed up on a disk2. Webbing- summarizing in a graphic formSteps:- place main idea/topic in the centre and underline or circle it- write secondary ideas/subtopics with lines connected with the main idea- attach details and supporting information with lines jutting out from the secondary ideas/subtopics- don't make the web too complex3. Point-form Notes Steps:- write complete bibliographic form of source on top of page/card- write the topic on the left and draw a margin under it for later use- place notes and leave space between main ideas or use bullet points- use own words- avoid complete, long and punctuated sentences- use abbreviations, but be neat and clear Note-Making Forms- Paraphrasing - summarizing - direct quotation - personal commentary Paraphrasing- saying the same as the source does, but shorter and in own words; accurate but brief Summarizing- shortened version of an original text written in full sentence and paragraph form- summary of the key ideas Direct Quotation- authorative evidence for own work- inform readers of the quality, depth, and integrity of researchRules:- use quotation marks and quote exactly as the original text- indicate full bibliographic source- indicate (...) any omitted words Personal Commentary- contains personal insight or inspiration- can be used in discussionsRESEARCH AND ETHICS - p. 221-222Creating a Report + Research- two sources of research: primary and secondary1. Primary Research- data gathered through first hand investigation (observation, surveys, interviews)Observation- decide on the purpose; the information wanted- visit sites, ask experts and take notes2. Secondary Research- printed material and Internet- ...

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708 words - 3 pages History NotesIndochinaThe French ruled Vietnam but allowed the emperors to remain as a figurehead. He ruled the country as far as when things interfered with the French, then he was censored. He was effectively a puppet of the French.The French's police force was called 'gendarmerie'.Bao Dai was Vietnams last emperor he cooperated with the French and became a Francophile - accepted the French culture.The French were in Vietnam to exploit human

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702 words - 3 pages , the board lot size is 1,000 unitsIf the trading price per unit is $0.10 to $0.99, the board lot size is 500 unitsIf the trading price per unit is $1.00 or more, the board lot size is 100 unitsBonds-When money is lent to companies, notes are used to signify this transactionBroker-An advisor about investment opportunities, who help people buy and sell stock but also charging commissionBull Market-A market with a large rising trend where there are

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10083 words - 40 pages status and prestige than patrol officers. Detectives spend most of their time filling out reports and re-interviewing victims on the telephone. Commenting on the detective mystique, Because of the RAND study and other studies, police administrators can now make some generalizations about detective operations. The single most important determinant of whether or not a crime is solved is not the quality of the work performed by the detectives but the

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794 words - 3 pages Chemistry Test NotesProtons:Located inside the nucleusHave a positive charge (1+)Have a relative mass of 1Neutrons:Located inside the nucleusHave no chargeHave a relative mass of 1ElectronsLocated outside the nucleusHave a negative charge (1-)Have a relative mass of 1/2000DefinitionsAtomic Number:The number of protons in an atomDetermines the identity of the atomAtoms are typically neutral, in this instance you can use it to determine the number

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2361 words - 9 pages spiraling process would eventually result in a swelling of the working class and a shrinking of the owner class until the system broke down.Section 2: The New Science- Scientific expeditions traveled to all parts of the world during the 1800's. Their purpose was to expand geographical knowledge and to study the plants and animals they found.- From 1831 to 1836, Charles Darwin worked as a naturalist with a British expedition aboard the H.M.S. Beagle

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2144 words - 9 pages 1. Heller introduces to the reader the irony of the situations the characters are going through. He satirizes the idea of war, and how all the soldiers don't really know what they are fighting for. Ideals such as patriotism are looked down upon by the characters: for example, the Texan is a very friendly and patriotic man who is hated by everyone in the hospital and causes everyone to leave the hospital in just a few days. The generals are also a

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814 words - 3 pages karyotype- chromosomes of a person that's photographed at metaphase and arranged in orderautosomes- chromosomes 1-22; not sex chromosomessex chromosomes- chromosomes that determine the sex; X and Y chromosomestranslocation- chromosomal abnormality in which a chromosomal segment is transferred to a nonhomologous chromosomeduplication- chromosomal abnormality in which a chromosomal segment is duplicated and present in more than one copy within the

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10423 words - 42 pages evidence. Take home point is just because one side admits to a fact does not mean that the evidence is now irrelevant.* The other side might still need that evidence in order to explain things and such.Finishing Relevance -Rule 401 - Evidence is relevant when it tends to make fact more likely.Advisory Committee Notes: same page as above Rule. "The variety or relevancy ..."The violin example - If the individual did not actually have a gun in the

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522 words - 2 pages Gases pressure is exerted by gas particles hitting the walls of the containerweakest intermolecular force (hydrogen) --> out of all the gases going to most obey “Gas particles neither attract nor repel each other” (#3 of kinetic theory of gases)PressureWhy is stepping on a nail more painful than lying on a bed of nails?-force exerted by your mass is spread out over a larger area (when one lies on a bed of nails) compared to when you

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939 words - 4 pages I.Origins.Vietnam began as a "small war" - in the pattern of all the other small wars since the 1880s, US military forces engaged another nation at the discretion of the President - though this time on behalf of French colonists (rather than US corporate interests) but steadily under the misguided notion, the Domino Theory.b.After WWII, US restores Vietnam to France as colonyi.Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese struggle for independence from France1.Ho

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9318 words - 37 pages Public International Law NotesIntroductionBrief History- Modern international law generally recognised as having its genesis in the Middle Ages in Western Europe - where, at the time, process of decentralisation leading away from Roman Catholic Church and Holy Roman Empire towards the Reformation and rise of Nation-States- Thirty Years of War (1618-1948) came to an end with Treaty of Westphalia (significant event for international law) - treaty

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2272 words - 9 pages These notes helped me alot during my grade 10 science exam, NOTE: This follows the Canadian curriculumPART A: SAFETY, SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY AND ECOLOGYSafety and Scientific InquirySafety in the LabGeneral Safety ProceduresDo not eat or drink in the labKeep your work area cleanThere is concern when wearing contacts as they can greatly increase the risk of damage to one's eyes in the even of a chemical spillA student should never carry out

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10033 words - 40 pages British and American approach to sanctions. The US, in fact, consented to the idea of a Security Council study group on the logistics of sanctions as a device to gain time, at least until the judgement of the International Commission of Jurists on South West Africa (where South Africa was accused of acting illegally). But the British Government was wary of getting embroiled in any discussion of sanctions as they feared it would imply a willingness

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3363 words - 13 pages Business Notes:Chapter 1 - the nature of a businessRole a business plays in society:"±Employs people"±Basis of nations economy"±Brings technological change and innovation"±Offers choices relating to work and consumption"±Provides social interactionDefinition of a business:To produce goods and services to add value in the process of productionValue chain is the concept that value is added at each stage of