Study Notes For Ipt, Defintions And Summaries

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Information technology-Refers to the electronic hardware and software used to process informationLAN-Local area networks-Allows computers to communicate information and share resourcesOrganizations-Use information technology to reduce time, save money, increase output and more money-Example, Banking has changed with the use of plastic cards, ATMS and EFTPOS.System-Is a collection of parts that work together to achieve a purposeInformation System-It performs a set of information processes requiring participants, data/information and information technology.-It performs the information processes of collecting, organizing, analyzing, storing and retrieving, processing, transmitting and receiving and displaying information.- It is created for a purpose and operate in a particular environment.EnvironmentEverything influences or is influenced by an information system and its purpose.HardwareThe physical equipment involved in the process of informationComputerElectronic device that can process data5 Functions of a computerInput – entering data onto the computer such as mouse, keyboard, scannerControl – organizer that directs flow of data in the computerStorage – retaining data over a period of time. Devices such as optical disks and flash memoryProcessing – changes data to produce information, performed by the CPUOUTPUT – display of data to a person or the transfer of data to another computer such as computer screens and printers.Types of computersPersonal computer-aka micro computer-Single user computer that usually sits on a desktop such as laptop or notebookMidrange computer-Also known as mini computer-Commonly used for accounting-Performs the processing for number of users working at terminalsMainframe computer-More powerful than midrange computer-Central computer for large number of usersSuper computer –-Most fastest-Most expensive-More powerful for applications requiring high volume and speed.SoftwareDetailed instructions used to direct the hardware to perform a particular task•Systems software – manages and controls the hardware so the application software can perform the required task•Applications software – computer programs allows the computer to achieve the task for which it is designed eg word processing.Data-Is raw materials entered into an information system-It is the input of the system-Data is vital because if data is meaningless therefore information will be meaninglessData will be appropriate if:-Relevant – useful to the purpose of the information system-Accurate- collected from dependable sources-Timely – up to date and current-Secure – has protectionTypes of data-Images – data in the form of pictures-Audio – data in the form of sound-Video – data in the form of pictures and sound combined-Text – data in the form of letters, numbers, symbols and other characters-Numbers – data in the form of numbers and integers.Information-Data that has been...


Gertrude and Claudius - study notes

925 words - 4 pages !' More important evidence as to this is the fact that Claudius and her never talk about the murder of the king. There is nothing to suggest that she has any notion of his secret.As for her character, the queen was not a bad-hearted woman. She was very shallow and blunt. "She loved to be happy, like a sheep in the sun; and to do her justice, it pleased her to see others happy, like more sheep in the sun." It sufficed her to be beautiful, surrounded by

Romeo and Juliet - Study Notes

1544 words - 6 pages NOTES : * indicates personal opinion.Romeo and JulietPrologueThe prologue is written in the form of a sonnet. A sonnet is a 14 line lyric poem with an iambic pentameter rhythm and a set rhyme scheme.RhymeThe rhyme scheme of a Shakespearean sonnet divides the poem into 3 quatrains and a rhyming couplet. The thought of the poem follows this division.Quatrain 1dignity - Ascene - Bmutiny - Aunclean - AQuatrain 2foes - Clife - Dover throw - Cstrife

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757 words - 3 pages Marketing Study NotesTarget Market - to whom will you target the product.Developing Starategic Marketing Plan- identify, evaluate & select the market- when market is selected, develop & implement a Marketing Program designed to target choosen market.Market - people with willingness to purchase and authority to buy.Types of Markets:CONSUMERR GOODS - products & services purchased by consumer for personal use.INDUSTRIAL GOODS - products

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878 words - 4 pages extermination part and Auschwitz III which was the work part. It is estimated that 1.1 and 1.6 million people died there, from gassing, systematic starvation, disease, execution and medical experiments.The Nuremberg Laws were denaturalization laws passed in 1935, against Jews. The first law, "The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour" banned marriage and intercourse between Jews and Germans, and also the employment of German

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2326 words - 9 pages for the construction of great religious and civic buildings and impressive monuments throughout Florence. They also supported artists and intellectuals. In addition, the ruling class encouraged the study of ancient Greek and Roman authors in the desire to have their society resemble the cultures of classical antiquity.- By the 1430's, the Medici family dominated the ruling class of Florence.- The family controlled the largest bank in Europe and was

Enthalpy and Potential Energy - Study Notes

643 words - 3 pages Experiment #1waterpipeinitial temperature25°C100°Cfinal temperature28.7°C 28.7°CΔT3.7°C-71.3°Cmass125 g60gΔT = Tfinal – Tinitialhave two unknowns for the pipe → specific heat (c) and q-use water to calculate itqw = mwcwΔTwqw = (125 g) (4.14 J/g*°C)(3.7°C)qw = 1900 Jq is positive when energy is absorbedamount of energy absorbed is equal to the amount of energy releasedqwater

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5370 words - 21 pages *Old Babylonian EmpireThe code of Hammurabi functioned under the Babylonian Empire, which was "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." The Gilgamesh Epic was about a man searching for eternal life. While searching for the tree of life, a great flood occurs and he is saved by a man and a woman in an arc. All of the societies in the Old Babylonian Empire were slave based; they did not have technology that saved time. Religion gives us hope in

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4226 words - 17 pages : radio waves coming from space are very weak and large instruments with very sensitive detectors are needed to collect them. Radio waves are collected by a curved dish that reflects the signals to a detector. The weak signals are changed into electrical pulses and amplified, they can then be stored on s computer for later study. Unlike light telescopes which can only be used at night, radio telescopes can be used any time of the day or night

Study Notes on "Hamlet the Hero" for Valsinat

2987 words - 12 pages Shakespeare's heroes in his much discussed innocence. Is this supposed tragic hero maybe an ideal hero, one without the tragic flaw, which has been a part of the formula for the tragedy since the Golden Age of Greece? This is a question that has been the field for many literary critics' battles. The main, and, most often, the only flaw that has been attributed to Hamlet was his delay. This seems to constitute the central part in Hamlet. Critics seem to

Chapter Notes for Pride and Prejudice

1318 words - 6 pages Zachary Weinert Chapter notes for Pride and Prejudice Chapter 1 A rich man moves into the neighborhood and Mrs. Bennet wants Mr. Bennet to visit with the long-term goal of marrying off one of her five daughters. Mr. Bennet tells her that he will not visit Mr. Bingley. Chapter 2 Mr. Bennet eventually goes and meets with Mr. Bingley being the first neighbor to do so. He does not tell his wife right away that he has met him, but when he finally

"Midsummer Nights Dream" :Scene Summaries and Notes

2911 words - 12 pages , and Demetrius.Egeus is an Athenian who has chosen Demetrius to marry his daughter, Hermia. Since Hermia is in love with Lysander, she has refused to marry Demetrius, who had recently been in love with Helena, Hermia's friend. Hermia's pleas fail to move either her father or the Duke. In fact, Egeus demands that Theseus should enforce the ancient law of Athens which says that a daughter should either marry the man her father chooses for her or face

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