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The dictionary definition of "journey" - a trip or expedition from one place to another - describes the journey as movement on the part of the journey maker. That movement may a physical linear (from one point to a distinctively different other point)- "Immigrants at central station 1951"- Physical linear journey; "at the rail way station" "Families stood with blankets and packed cases" context within title. Train imagery illustrates that the journey is physical "train's whistle" (personification), "The signal at the platforms end turned red and dropped like a guillotine" (simile)-The travelers in "Crossing the Red Sea" take a linear journey, from their former European homeland towards a new home in Australia "As we crossed a sea" "as they beckoned towards a blood-rimmed horizon" (colour imagery), "looking for shorelines", "crossed sea".-"Migrant hostel" from the station to the hostel to a new home. "Bus loads from the station" (imagery), constant movement enhances the concept of a physical journey "comings and goings", "arrivals/departures" (repetition of the concept).- "Ithaca" states it as a linear from the wars to "Ithaca". Metaphor for home "Always keep Ithaca on your mind, to arrive there is your ultimate goal".-"Play crack the sky" is a linear journey. Life to death- literal; "this is the end" (repetition) "our bodies washed up 20 miles west" (death imagery) or from the beginning of a relationship to an end- metaphorical; "this is the end" (repetition), "I need you like water in my lungs" (irony).-"The wind in the willows" physical journey "wheels", "road", "highway", "caravan" (images associated with travel). Linear journey from home to an unknown destination "a gypsy caravan" (metaphor for traveling), "Camps, villages, towns, cities!" (Flash images, excitement).Circular Journey (from a given starting point and returning to that same point)-The travelers in "Stand By Me" take a circular journey, setting out from their home town and returning to their home town-"The town where time stands still" Circular journey "return to the place from which they came"Or the journey may, indeed, be continuous, and have no end.-The journey through time and history suggested by the dust jacket of "The Ivory Trail" is a continuous and continual one - this is supported by the inclusion of the text "not all journeys have an ending" at the top of the page. The sentence itself has no full stop, reinforcing this notion.-Peter Skyrznecki's poems- generally have no end as they immigrants continue to be moved from one place to another.Consideration of the journey also invites consideration of the starting and end points - the place from which the traveler embarks and the destination at which he arrives or to which he returns. The embarkation point may be a place of danger or threat.-Skrzynecki's poems.-The beginning of each journey for the immigrants is a threat as they are being forced out of their comfort zone into a new and unknown place. In "Crossing the red...

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