Study Notes On The Conflict In Indo China (Aust Syllabus)

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Conflict in Indo-ChinaExtras:Evidence::1. Medical photographs of Napalm Burns2. My Lai Massacre - over one hundred unarmed Vietnamese civiliansàOfficial army photographer - hidden camera3. Secret Bombing of Cambodia - America uninformedàRichard Nixon's November 1969 speech conceals illegal 8 month long bombing of neutral Cambodia4. Deep revulsion felt by majority of Western intellectuals @ atrocities + manipulation of public opinion= highly critical of US motives + strategy5. Australia's role in Vietnam à refer to Terry Burstall6. Internal politics of NVA/ NV àrefer to Bui TinHistoriography:Right Wing Interpretations1. Conservative2. See as war waged in defence of democratic valuesàUS intervened to prevent communist oppression - authoritarian government3. Blame war on North aggression4. Argue war must be seen in context of communist attempt at global dominationàpart of the cold war5. Blame media and anti-war movements for US defeat6. See Pol Pot's excessive brutality as an expression of communist ideologyàArgue continued US intervention could have prevented such genocide7. some concede US miliary strategies:1. terrible consequences for civilian populations2. counter productive to gaining supportààgeneral implication that ends justified the meansHistorians: 1. General William Westmoreland2. W. W. Rostow3. Michael Lind Vietnam: The Necessary War (1999)Left Wing Interpretations1. RADICAL LEFTàNVA conducting a genuine national liberation struggle against US imperialismàGabriel Kolko Anatomy of a war2. LIBERAL LEFTàWar = tragic mistake of US policyàStanley Karnow Vietnam: A history3. Civil war - US no right to intervene4. Not defending democracy - forcing despotic, unpopular dictatorship on SV5. suffering caused by US tactics = unjustifiableàAllied civilians all too frequently treated as the enemyàBen Tre6. Ease with which communist won after US withdrawal = evidence for lack of support for US-backed government7. US Op. Menu etc. blamed for Horrors of Pol Pot Regimeàforced peasant support to KR8. Cambodian Genocide = extreme form of racism + totalitarianismConcepts:Communism1. Based on theories of Karl Marx1. Ideal Social and economic systemàcreation of equality + harmony2. Teleological evolution through series of revolutions àoverthrow capitalism2. General usage defined communism as:1. one party dictatorships2. state owned economies3. I/C communism influenced by dictatorial SU and Chinese communist modelsAnti- Communism1. during cold-war context = hyperbolic2. fanatical opposition to perceived communist world-wide conspiracyxàthreat to global survival of human rights3. Often resorted to support of brutal dictatorships as a bulwark against communist threats4. Many leftist historians equate US involvement to such extremist anti-communismEconomic Imperialism1. One country's domination of a weaker oneàvia use of...

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