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Study Objective Essay

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My greatest desire is to continue the graduate study in the USA University, majoring in the field of aeronautical science and technology. The Fulbright Graduate Student Program is the best opportunity for me to gain an overseas education and unforgettable experience in the one of the powerful countries in terms of aviation development. Please, allow me to highlight my achievements related to the program requirements.
Currently, I am an undergraduate at the National Aviation University, majoring in Air Transportation Management. In my senior year I summoned all my preferences to find a way that determined my professional goals and drew up a plan of how to achieve them. (эта фраза стандартная ...view middle of the document...

However, transportation system of Ukraine is rather unstable to allow the UAS application on the equal basis with traditional aviation fleet. Unfortunately, national aviation authorities are not able to provide enough resources for UAS navigation and landing facilities modernization. While, in the USA the projects of cargo transportation by UAS are under dynamic development. For instance, in 2011 first cargo delivery UAS ‘K-MAX’ transported more 3,500 pounds of supplies to fellow Marines. (нашла на сайте, возможно нужно перефразировать?) At the current year American researches try to implement the project for the UAS cargo transporters location and landing - Engelhard Airport, designing especially for unmanned aviation needs. (нужно ли вообще говорить о ситуации в США?)
It is obvious that the USA performs a significantly high level of unmanned aviation development. That is why I appreciate the opportunity to widen my academic backgrounds to create a plan for renovating existing national transportation system with the new concepts of UAS development and wrote the Master thesis engaging in the research team devoted to integration the unmanned aircraft into next generation airspace system managed by Professor of Aeronautical Science Ted Beneigh at the Embry-Riddle University. My effort to study in the USA during two years makes me inspired to grow professionally as...

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