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Study Objectives In Medicine Essay

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I have an MD degree, Doctor of Medicine, and now I would like to further specialize in Anatomy, a sub-discipline of medical science. Based on findings from the online research I conducted, I believe that with a Master of Science degree in Anatomy, the possibilities for my future plans as an Anatomy teacher and researcher at Kabul Medical University are guaranteed.
My future objective is the rehabilitation of the anatomy department at Kabul Medical University through modern integrated teaching disciplines, e.g. applying contemporary teaching modalities, conducting cadaveric dissections, medical visualization applications and research in anatomy related subjects.
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Unfortunately, work experience in the anatomical field is not available within my country. However, after discussions with my seniors I was offered a volunteer placement in an orthopedic hospital for one year. During this practicum, I took part in different operations, which helped to have a live view of human internal organs for the first time. This experience reinforced my intention to undertake a Master’s Degree in Anatomy, not only to gain a comprehensive knowledge of normal anatomy, but also to acquire the opportunity to learn the structure of the human body through dissection. The topics that lay within the area of a Master’s in Anatomy are Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Microanatomy. Furthermore, the program will feature cadaver-based dissection training in human anatomy. In addition, I found that the mentioned master program in the US offers the opportunity of Teaching Assistantships, which can provide excellent practical experience to be a successful Anatomy teacher.
I believe that medicine is just not about operating on a patient with a tumor or treating someone with diabetes. Indeed, the clinic is the consumer branch of medicine while the producer or the foundation of medicine...

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