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Study Of Designers Essay

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Marc NewsonEngineering Products;Making Life EasierNiklas GaalPhilippe StarckMarc NewsonMarc Newson is commonly regarded as one of the most influential designers of his generation. This is due to the variety of fields in which he designs. Newson was born in Sydney, but most of his childhood was spent travelling Asia & Europe. Newson's first experience with design was during school in which he experimented with furniture design. After he graduated he received a grant from the ACC (Australian Crafts Council). This grant went towards staging his first exhibition which involved the Lockheed Lounge. To this day the Lockheed Lounge is still sort after for collection, 20 years from its reveal. It has also consecutively set 3 world records at auction.Newson has worked around the globe in cities such as Tokyo, Paris & London (where he is now based). Newson has a range of well known & prestigious clients from global brands. Many of his designs over the past 20 years have been described as 'modern design icons'. Newson has also founded a variety of companies over different disciplines of design including an aerospace design consultancy & a fine watch brand. He has also held positions in senior management including his current role as Creative Director of Qantas Airlines.Lockheed LoungeNewson is constantly in European media for his ongoing contributions to the design world. He was also included in Time Magazines 100 most influential people in the world. He has a great number of awards and distinction to his name and the future is promising for him.Newson is so influential due to the several areas of design he incorporates in his work. He is involved in fashion design, interior design, industrial design & design management. His involvement in the fashion industry includes his watch designs, manufactured by Ikepod Watch Co. His interior design work has been ongoing with his most recent project, the Qantas first lounge at both Melbourne & Sydney International Airport. He has also designed both first class & business class seating for Qantas as well as various buildings/offices in previous cities of work. Newson has designed bicycles (biomega) as well as being employed by ford to create a design concept for a cosy and versatile car called 021C.These are just some of his works from industrial design. His work in design management includes his current role at Qantas & his role as head of Marc Newson LTD.Marc Newson studied at and graduated from Sydney College of the Arts, Jewellery and Sculpture. This one of the last times Newson lived on Australian soil. He moved around the globe and then eventually settled in London.One of Newson's most recognised projects is the Qantas first lounge at Melbourne & Sydney International Airport. Newson is the Creative Director at Qantas and this means he is involved in the design process of everything creative in Qantas down to the cutlery. Here are some images of the first lounges:These designs...

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