Study Of Macbeth And The Leading Characters In Shakespeares Play.

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Pointing the finger at MacbethIn 1606, a British author by the name of William Shakespeare wrote the play, Macbeth as a tribute to the king. Shakespeare wrote many kinds of literature, but he is infamous for his tragedies. A tragedy is defined as a play dealing with tragic events and usually includes the down fall of the protagonist, or the leading person in a play. The protagonist in the play Macbeth, is Macbeth himself. The theme of Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, is ambition, greed, and murder. Macbeth, through various slaughters and plots of revenge, proves that he is the cause of his own collapse. At first, our impression of Macbeth is one of a courageous and capable warrior, who is greatly respected and admired by the King and his subjects. This is all true until Macbeth visits the Weird Sisters, who prophesize his rise to kingship. Also, Lady Macbeth influences Macbeth to go after the kingship as well. Macbeth is trapped between his head and his heart. After much thought, Macbeth decides he wants the kingship with all he has. This sends Macbeth into a murderous and downward spiral. Through the deaths of King Duncan and his loyal guards, Banquo, and Macduff's family, Macbeth proves that he, and only he, is responsible for his own downfall.Duncan, the King of Scotland, has a great amount of Macbeth as a warrior and as a friend. Otherwise, Duncan would not have made Macbeth the Thane of Cawdor after the original thane commits treason and is killed. This is a problem because the witches predict his reign as Thane of Cawdor and so Macbeth reconsiders everything that the witches predict Macbeth's eventual reign as king. With a little convincing by his wife, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth comes to the realization that he must destroy the king so he can become king himself. Although there is heavy pushing for Macbeth to execute Duncan by Lady Macbeth, Macbeth actually kills Duncan himself. Lady Macbeth is not strong enough to follow through with the assassination, while she says it is because it looked like her father sleeping. As Macbeth said, "I go and it is done. The bell invites me. / Hear it not Duncan for it is a knell / that summons me to heaven or to hell" (Macbeth 2.1.53). Although Lady Macbeth has a great force behind Macbeth, he actually has the ambition inside of him to do it. Macbeth even states, "I am settled and bend up / each corporal agent to this terrible feat. / Away and mock the time with fair show. / False face must hide what false heart doth / know" (Macbeth 1.7.45). This statement illustrates that Macbeth wants to slay the King, although he keeps these feelings to himself. He is saying that he must not show what his heart feels, and that he must put on an act. Macbeth eventually, after much penitent and pressure from Lady Macbeth, kills King Duncan. The next murder is one of the most important murders in the play. That is the killing of the king's chamberlains, or guards. His excuse is that he was so enraged and infuriated at the loss...

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