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Did you know that the normal human being thinks roughly 70,000 thoughts a day? This is a major fact that the brain of a human being is very important. the brain does many things all the time, within this article there is many points that will happen, The brains within the animal kingdom, the nutrients and vitamins that your brain needs to stay healthy and many facts about neurology and the brain.

To start with the brain needs many many vitamins to sustain accurate levels and not go crazy, or start having problems with your brain. according to the medical news article (MedicalNewsToday) low vitamin D levels can cause brain damage, with sustainable ...view middle of the document...

Also within the same article from WSJ says that “however we have grossly underestimated both scope and scale of animal intelligence.” which means that people have not necessarily understood the animals and the way that they use their brains. nextly, the article from WSJ Proves that the animals have been misunderstood, “one of my co-workers works at emory university tested chimpanzees on portraits of their own species, not only did they succeed, they excelled at it.” Which therefore proves that animals have been tested successfully in a way that benefits to only animals which is a good test. nextly, the brain has many ways that the brain can be helped and or hurt depending what you add to it.

Have you ever heard one of your friends complaining about a headache? well from an article at Care2, it has been scientifically proven that if “ thinking to much can hurt your brain causing headaches and in extreme cases, loss of brain cells.” for example, if you’re trying to cram knowledge on the last night before a english vocabulary quiz, not only are you not helping yourself, you are killing your own brain cells. nextly, have you ever had the sun flash in and out of your eyes? well from the same article at Care2 it says that “ Flashing lights can affect the optic nerve and the brain.” so therefore when you hear your friend telling you to stop flashing lights in their eye, you probably don’t wanna hurt their brain. Thirdly, from that same article at Care2, “Chronic stress can shrink, and prematurely age your brain.” So that if you are really worried about your english paper but you keep procrastinating about it, not only are you gonna fail english class but you’re shrinking your own brain and prematurely ageing it.

Throughout this article you have learned about the brain within the animal, Vitamins and nutrients that are healthy for your...

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