Examination Of Ttc Strike And Understand How They Were Able To Prepare It

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A disagreement may occur which can cause barriers to communicate. Negotiation is a strategic dialogue to help resolve any outstanding issues and reach an agreement where both parties are satisfied. To have a successful outcome, the values of fairness while obtaining mutual benefits and upholding relationships are key components that must be examined. To attain a desirable outcome, it is wise to follow a structured approach while maintaining a positive image. Now it is time to examine the TTC strike and understand how they were able to prepare, discuss, have clear goals and negotiate a win-win outcome through out the course of action.
Industry Description

Around 3500 BC, the first fixed wheels on cart were invented which help paved the way for public transportation. The use of public transportation is accessible for the general public as it generated a system for individuals to travel to a certain destination. As time passed with new inventions and technology, it allowed people to rely on public transportation for fast, reliable and convenience. With having a fixed price, public transportation varies in services, which includes busses, trains, subways, taxis and ferries.
Public transportation is a vital part of society as it helps solves the nation’s economic and environmental challenges. With many people becoming familiar with this industry, public transportation is able to expand their services. From 1995 through 2012, public transportation services have increased by thirty four percent, which provided numerous job opportunities for individuals. According to public transportation fact book, “a single commuter switching his or her commute to public transportation can reduce a household’s carbon emissions by ten to thirty percent if they can eliminate a second car” (American public transit association, n.d.). Using public transportation daily is essential as it provides benefits towards saving fuel while also reducing congestion on the roads.
Description of Parties Involved
The first party that was involved in a negation process was the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). They had two major objectives when it came to planning a safe and enjoyable transit ride. They desire to maximize the service within the Toronto region by providing it at the right place and time to satisfy the rider’s need. In addition, TTC assures their services are efficient and cost effective towards both customers and taxpayers. To achieve these objectives, TTC has adapted to planning activities, which is administered by the service standards. The service standards have a wide range of duties as they plan, monitor, adjust and evaluate the transit services throughout Toronto. If any inconvenience occurs, they are willing to remove it and ensure satisfaction towards their riders.
The Canadian provincial government were also involved in the negotiation process regarding the TTC strike. Under the federal system, the powers are shared amongst the federal and ten...

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