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Study On The Age Of Admisson For Kg1 Children

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I. Statement of the Problem
As the famous quote says, “Education is the key to success.” We all know that education is the fundamental stepping stone for success. Without proper education, a being is incomplete. With proper guidance and morale, a child can be of a success.
Education starts at home. Our parents were our first teachers and our home is our first school. For most countries, at the age of 3 and a half to 4 years old, a child could enter his first preparatory school – kindergarten (or nursery for most). We are being taught how to read, write and identify things at this stage – basics of learning.
As our first teachers, our parents would have known the right ...view middle of the document...

Areas of Considerations
• Parents Awareness
• Funding
• Communication medium
• The circular itself
• Enrolled student of the previous academic year
• Children’s age

IV. Alternative Courses of Action
• Commercialization of the said circular
• Educate the parents

V. Analysis of Each Alternative Courses of Action
• Commercialization of the said circular
- Publish the complete circular in newspapers and thru the use of mass media. Social networking sites could also be of great help as it is the new “news” of the century.
• Educate the parents
- The local authorities could hold an awareness seminar which aims to educate both the parents and schools of the scope of this new guideline. People are vulnerable when they lack of education.

VI. Conclusion
Communication is the most vital way to convey a message. It is the most essential thing that we, human beings, express ourselves. Lack of communication is inevitable but with proper medium it could be diminished. Mass media as a medium of communication has helped us in our everyday living. Thru it, we are able to communicate with other people, other countries and different walks of life.
Misunderstanding is associated with the lack of communication or simply miscommunication. This happens when the sender and the receiver failed to transport the message properly. The result of this would mean confusion, conflict and mistake.
We therefore conclude that thru proper channels of communication and education, the...


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