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Study On The Falsities Of Language And Human Interaction

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Study on the Falsities of Language and Human Interaction

This essay is an attempt to study the natural tendency of language to lie, and what it does to human interaction. I believe that we "colour" the "truth" in every occasion. One of the reasons for this is the referred natural tendency of language, others are social and psychological. In a way it is very human, it is something that our vigorous imagination forces us to do. One thing must be made clear: I do not consider this sort of lying to be in its own right bad nor good; it just is. I am not judging. I am just barely thinking, playing with thoughts and most of all trying to understand the things I see. The purpose of this essay is merely to give "braincrub", food for thought, no answers or conclusions shall be given. The only advice I have for reading is to keep an open mind, do not try to find mistakes and/or illogical thought tracks. Try to get in the good stuff. This is not an easy task I am giving myself, try to comprehend.

1.1 Something about the difficulties in defining a lie
This is a definition from the Merriam-Webster on-line thesaurus on the verb "lie" 1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive 2 : to create a false or misleading impression transitive senses : to bring about by telling lies "lied his way out of trouble". It would be easy to say a lie is something that is not true, but this would demand the definition of truth. A more adequate definition might be that a lie is something that is said with the knowledge of some other facts relative to issue at hand. But this would result as everything being a lie, because there is always something that isn't said. I am not going to go on further, this was just to give an idea how difficult it actually is to define a lie.

2.0 About language & thought
Although not being necessarily the main point of this essay these issues have to be dealt with as grounds for further discussion, for a possibility of understanding .

It often happens to me (and probably others, but I can only be sure of myself, so in this essay I am often going to use myself as an example) that I am stuck with words. I have something in my mind but cannot find the words to express it. Elementary, yes, but if this is so, then one must agree that there is a gap between thought and language. That they are not the same thing, that at least in some cases thought comes before language and probably vice versa in others (take listening for example). And if this is so then one must also admit that a word is already, in a way, a lie. A lie not meaning it is trying to hide the "truth" but rather it is incapable of expressing the "truth". "Truth" in hyphens because, if this is the case, then how do we define truth? when the only tool (language) we have for defining it defies its very existence.

2.1 About language
It is said (by Mr. Barrosso, my psychology teacher, for example, and agreed upon by other psychologists) that a three month old...

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