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Study On The Life Of A Famous Entrepreneur

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PrefaceThis project is a study on the life of Sunil Bharti Mittal, who is the founder and CEO of Bharti Enterprises. This project has been carried out as part of Foundation Course on Business, Entrepreneurship and Management. It has allowed students such as myself to understand the innovative mindset successful entrepreneurs like Mittal. The obstacles that were faced by him as well as his success story will come to be understood through the course of this project. Mittal's work as a philanthropist and humanitarian are also discussed.AcknowledgementIt is my pleasure to be indebted to various people, who directly or ...view middle of the document...

IntroductionThe following information has been presented in class, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation -A brief introduction to the subject of my topic, "STUDY ON THE LIFE OF A FAMOUS ENTREPRENEUR", - Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal. The Founder, Chairman and Group CEO of Bharti Enterprises.A slide discussing his early life as the son of a Member of Parliament.A timeline discussion on the beginnings of his entrepreneurial ventures leading up to his success with the coming of Bharti Airtel.Highlighting his achievements as a telecom Mogul.A documentation of some of the numerous awards he has received.And last, but not the least- his contributions to society as a philanthropist and humanitarian.ConclusionThis project and its presentation were done as part of the Foundation Course on Business, Entrepreneurship and Management. Through the course of this project I have come to understand the power of innovation that most successful entrepreneurs are blessed with. Although there is struggle involved, they manage to evolve a small establishment into a multi-national cooperation. By getting involved in the study on the ventures and achievements of Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, I truly admire his achievements and more so, his undying determination and now even aspire to adopt some of his principles in!


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