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Essay Study periods should not be eliminated from the senior student's schedule because it gives time to study and do homework. This essay will explain why it shouldn't be eliminated and what are the advantage of a study period. First of all, some senior students don't have access to a computer and a library to do some research on a project or type their homework. So they have to do their work during the study period. Eliminating the study period would mean that fewer students would have their homework on time and also the quality of the work wouldn't be as good because of it appearance. Also it is way longer searching into books when you want to do a research than going on a search engine in the internet. Also because that searching into a book is longer the students loose interest fast and that is why the quality isn't as good. Second of all, students are more likely to study better in a calmer atmosphere. Sometimes it's difficult to find a calm place at school. So in order to find a calmer place some students go study at their home or vice-versa. Although the library is most of the time a really calm place some students find it more comfortable to go home were they can do there homework or study in the calmness of their home plus there is less distraction at home so it's easier staying concentrated in what you are doing. Third of all, the study period is time given to take a break from school. The students can enjoy the fact that there isn't any course and that the students don't have to think about...

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