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Study Proposal: Acceptance Of Social Media By Management Schools Graduates

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Literature Review
The firm’s efforts in promoting its image and brand inside the organization as well as outside the organization is represented by Employer branding. The distinct and clear image of the firm and its brand make firm valuable in market full of high potential and high performing talent. The leaders and senior executives have recently shown huge amount of interest in employer branding. The research carried out is related to the upcoming methodologies of employer branding. It focuses on shift in branding strategies from advertisements to the more practical and innovative ways similar to using social media as a source of branding. It also discusses relationship between organizational career management and employer branding and the correlation between different factors which leads to branding of the firm. The results show that the different factors related to branding of the firm especially at university level like growth opportunities, work-life balance, global exposure, pay-scale grid are not very much linked with each other, however they are responsible for creating the brand image in the applicants’ mind. (Backhaus & Tikoo, 2004)
The internal marketing concept specifies that an organization’s employees are its first market. Themes such as ‘internal advertising’ and ‘internal branding’ have recently entered the marketing lexicon. One component of internal marketing that is still underdeveloped is ‘employer branding’ and specifically ‘employer attractiveness‘. Employer attractiveness is defined as the envisioned benefits that a potential employee sees in working for a specific organization. It constitutes an important concept in knowledge intensive contexts where attracting employees with superior skills and knowledge comprises a primary source of competitive advantage. However, attracting employees through college campuses is largely influenced by the Brand, Growth opportunities, compensation, work life balance, Social status and international exposure. (Berthon, Ewing & Li Lian Hah, 2005)
Furthermore, Employer Branding must be done around the factors that affect a candidate’s decision of joining a company. In a study conducted on how employer brand image can affect an applicant’s intention of a B School graduate, it was found that student’s application intentions are influenced by their perception of responsibility and empowerment inherent in the job, as well as on compensation and location considerations (Agrawal and Swaroop, 2009)
The two key dimensions of success for an employer brand are attractiveness and accuracy. As with customer-centric brands, attractiveness is underpinned by awareness, differentiation and relevance. For employer brands, however, the accuracy with which the employer brand is portrayed is also critical to success. This emphasis on accuracy highlights the importance of consistency between the employer brand and employment experience, company culture and values. General implications for the strategic...

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