Study Skills: Strategies For Taking Notes And For Learning Content

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Studying is something everyone does, if it is studying for a class or a test or even studying to remember something for a job. There are various ways to study and a lot of key concepts to studying. Studying is also hard for some people because most people do not know what learning concept they understand the most. Landsberger (1996) states “Before you begin studying, take a few minutes to summarize a few objectives, gather what you will need, and think of a general strategy of accomplishment.” Most people take notes to review the learning information that they gather.
Taking notes is the main concept of studying, if the studier has no notes then what are they really studying? Taking notes ...view middle of the document...

Visual learners best study strategy would be to watch videos or look at powerpoints on the subject there studying. Also it would be best if the visual learner takes notes with color pens and highlighters. According to Chapman (2007), “Kinesthetic learners have a tendency to fidget, will enjoy physical activity and remember best by doing. They use gesture to explain themselves and work most effectively in short bursts.” (p.8) Kinesthetic learners study better with a group.
One of the most popular ways to study is studying in a group or with a partner. Having study groups is a great way to study because the studier get others outlook on the topic their studying. Another great reason to study in a group is because the studier can always ask question to others if they are not understanding something they are studying. According to Tindale (2002), “In 1932, Shaw demonstrated that groups were considerably better problem solvers than were individuals.” (p.4) Students should study with classmates who are on a higher level then they are because it gives them motivation to push their self. Some negatives about studying in a group is that the student could pick the study group who talks more than studies and gets distracted easily. Always remember a test is individual effort not a group effort.
Studying alone is another...

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