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Study The Impacts Of Assimilation In Source A And Source D On The Rights And Freedom. Kcc Essay

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Assessment Task: Rights and Freedoms- Source Analysis

Study the impacts of assimilation in source A and Source D on the rights and freedom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders.

Source A is a useful piece of evidence for people studying Aboriginal rights because it is about an event that evidently happened in the indigenous rights movement. This written experience is a primary source. It was from an indigenous perspective as it records the personal experience of western Australian Aboriginal women. The entry describes their efforts and methods to not get ‘Stolen’. This source is useful because these women are first hand witnesses to the brutal treatment of the white settlers. This source adds a personal experience to the topic of the stolen generation and assimilation. This source adds significant insight on what was happening to these women on a daily bases. It is also an important source because it is evidence of mistreatment of aboriginal people. This source is still useful, however, as evidence of the fear and mistreatment the aboriginal people experienced. Although this source is coming from a bias point of view. These women have no reason to be stretching the truth because they wouldn't have anything to gain from lying. The audience does not influence the truth because they were writing this extract to tell people what was happening. Therefore censoring to prevent...

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