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Going Abroad To Study Essay

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Education is an important factor in a person's life. People often choose to move from their countries of origins to study in foreign countries for varying reasons. Most individuals consider studying abroad as a way means of changing one’s view of the world, and as a chance to explore (Monroe 1). Many choose to study in developed countries that offer progressive education (Jasmine 5). Other students move to study for programs that are either not offered in their country of origin, or that are better than what is offered in one’s home country. Due to the fact that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, the process of acquiring education abroad has both its challenges and benefits. The process involves complying with and following major steps. It also requires one to overcome certain challenges during the process that equips one with skills, knowledge and experience that promote an individual’s discipline and self-dependency.
The initial step of acceptance involves submitting as many applications as possible to various universities that offer the program one desires to study abroad. The applications are made by filling forms and other required documents obtained online or from university offices, and which are essential for acceptance in universities. The necessary application documents should be attached to the application letter. The applications are submitted to the required platform, where they are reviewed by the relevant personnel, who then make decisions on whether the application is eligible for the applicant to join the university. Successful applicants are notified of their acceptance to take the programs that they had applied for (School of International Studies, para. 3). The students that qualify are informed about the admission requirements of the university they have been accepted to, with the expectation that they will adhere to these requirements.
Once one has been accepted to study certain programs in the universities abroad, he or she has to obtain a student visa and the I-20 document. The I-20 document is a multi-purpose document issued and approved by the government certifying a student’s admission to study in a foreign country after demonstrating their financial capability to stay in the country (University of California, para 2). The document qualifies a student as eligible to apply for a visa to visit the foreign country. Once the application for admission is approved, the International Student Service provides a student with the requirements to process the I-20. The student has to submit a Financial Responsibility Certificate (CFR), as well as a Proof of Funds Certificate, which outline a student’s source of funding. The source of funds is proven through the use of bank statements, financial institution reports, and certificates of deposits among other documents (University of Florida, International Student Service para. 5). This acts as a reflection of a student’s personal funds. In case of scholarships or...

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