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Studying For Exams With Memory Mnemonics

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You’re a senior in college and you have a huge Chemistry exam coming your way. Studying for an exam can be very difficult to remember every little thing. Memory Mnemonics is a certain way of studying and remembering things. According to Patten “Using this system, verbal memory increased dramatically”. (Patten, 1 ) It tells us that the Mnemonic system is inspiring and growing rapidly at the college level. Mnemonics uses techniques of rhymes, acronyms, diagrams, which help people to remember names, dates, facts, figures, and more. In this paper I plan to use the Mnemonics system to tell if this system actually works. Your memory is stored in the hippocampus, which is the area that they call sea horsed area of your brain, which is in the middle of your brain. When you think about a memory, different parts of your brain become more stimulated to recreate the scene. Some ways that the brain remembers things are using some of your five sense and more, such as color, smell, taste, touch, feelings, and shapes. “People do NOT remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear, etc…”( Thalheimer,2006).
Your brain is capable of lots of things, one of the great things is being able to read with the words all mixed up. The reason to this is your brain doesn’t read just a letter out of the word by itself, instead it reads the word. So you can have the word “read” spelled like “raed”. Even though it is spelled incorrectly your mind reads it correctly. The only thing that needs to be right in order for your brain to be able to read it is for the first and last letter of the word to be in the right spot. Therefore here is an example… “ ocne tehre was a dog neamd dotite, she was the msot baetuiful wlel behvaed dog I’ve eevr had”. Sometimes you do little tricks to help your mind remember things. Like the word “ HOMES” which helps you remember the great lakes. Many people have little ways of helping their brain remember things. This is a form of memory Mnemonics. Another example is having a word or two remember and putting it into a sentence that will help you remember or spark something in your brain to be like oh yeah, I remember it’s this or that. These little tricks have helped people since day one without even noticing it.

“Figure 1. This image shows how a mnemonic involving a person's knuckles can be used to remember how many days each month has.” (Image source: Tijmen)
Does memory Mneomics still help once you get older? To understand what happens to the brain it is essential to know what happens on the inside of the brain as well as the outside of your brain. The brain's volume summits in most peoples early 20s, and then gradually falls for the rest of life. When in the 40s, some people start to notice subtle changes in their ability to remember new names or do more than one thing at a time; the cortex begins to become smaller. Changing the way you act and doing new things to keep your memory sharp will still help your brain...

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