Studying The Impact Of "Alcoholism On Community Levels"

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Studying the impact of "Alcoholism on Community Levels"

Misuse of alcohol causes public health and social problems. It is a major health hazard to young people who engage in this activity. The consequences of alcoholism on young people include social deviance, dropping out of school, teenage pregnancies, substance and drug abuse, irresponsible generation and unfulfilled life goals (Chen, Grube, & Gruenewald, 2010). Similarly, adults engaging in alcohol abuse may be irresponsible and take part in criminal activities. A community entangled with alcohol abuse may have a lot of psychosocial problems. Many young people take alcohol despite being below the official drinking age. Alcoholism is the third primary cause of avoidable death in America and risk element for many social and health problems. In 2006, the estimated cost of excessive drinking was $ 223.5 billion in the United States. Alcoholism is a collective predicament and may lead to a lot of problems such as driving under influence, domestic violence, rape, assaults, murder, suicide, early pregnancies and school dropout (Hingson, Zakocs, Heeren, & Winter, 2004). Alcoholism may also lead to emotional and physical problems causing victims to suffer from depression, liver and heart diseases. The cost involved in managing alcoholism also makes it a social problem. Sociology refers to the study of people’s social life, consequences and causes of human behavior and social change. Sociologists analyze group structures, societies, organizations and the way people interact within these limits. According to Wright Mills, social imagination involves the ability to put personal problems within a knowledgeable structure of a larger social procedure. Sociology helps in determining why people become alcoholics, the effects of alcoholism on the community and how to deal with alcoholism at the community level (Grube, 2007). This case study will offer a detailed analysis of the impact of alcoholism on the community, the social theories about alcoholism and a way forward out of this menace.
Literature Review
According to research studies, alcoholism can be in form of heavy drinking, underage drinking, pregnant women drinking or binge drinking. Excessive drinking involves taking more than the recommended drinks required by the government. Binge drinking involves taking over five drinks for men on one occasion and over four drinks for women on one occasion. About 1 out of 6 adults in United States participate in binge drinking monthly (Bouchery, Harwood, Sacks, & Simon, 2011). Alcoholism also includes underage drinking because it is illegal and may result into serious long-term and immediate consequences. Alcoholism has a host of social challenges. It affects both the victim and his immediate family. Alcohol can lead to devastating effects such as destroying many marriages. This may end up affecting children born in these families. About 20% of adults in the U.S grew up with a member of the...

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