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As we grow up we learn how to associate, act, and how to look. In high school these things all matter immensely to us. Without knowing how to do these things teenagers could suffer cruelty from fellow peers for being “awkward” or a “dork.” This is when bullying will occur. In some cases someone of lower social class will stand up for themselves and the situation will enhance. Sometimes the phrase “they started it” could occur. It will always matter who started it and why this is happening. Typically bullying happens because of much deeper problems. It also matters who started it because you primarily would like to know who the victim is so you are able to receive the full story. Without our knowing of who “started it” we are only able to see the outside problems and not whats really happening.
Students tend to bully other students for a multitude of different reason. Weather it be how they dress, who they hang out, or where they live. In Lord of the Flies we observe bullying ...view middle of the document...

Girl bullies hurt other girls mentally, not physically. They can hurt each other by talking behind a so called “friends” back, name calling, and making up untrue stories. Girl bullying is just as common as physical bullying, it just goes less noticeable. In the article “National Crime Prevention Council Girls and Bullying” it states “One of the best ways to stop this form of bullying is for the girls who see it or who are stuck in the middle to speak up and say that it is not okay,” (“Girl Bullying”). If a girl is to speak up against the more aggressive girl she may back down. If you’re not a student you can tell whoever is in charge.
This takes us to bullying in age groups. As some people think bullying only happens in school and adolescent times. This statement is untrue. Bullying can happen in the workplace or even at home. When bullying occurs at home it can be between a parent and child, or siblings. If bullying happens in the workplace it might be between someone of higher and lower status. Some people also think bullying only appears between people of the similar age. This is also untrue. In a article called “Transgender Girls Parents Lob For Her Right To Use The Girls Restroom” we see bullying between a young girl and an entire school board. The article states that Coys parents “Kathryn and Jeremy got a call from the principal of Eagleside Elementary School, explaining that the school had reversed its position on allowing Coy to use the girls’ restroom,” (Beth Greenfield) This means the school no longer want Coy be who she wants. They are bullying her by saying she can’t act like the other girls by using the female restroom. This type of cruelty happens everywhere; not just between peers or colleagues.
In some cases adults and parents get caught up with their own lives when they stop noticing the little things. These little things could be how your child is acting after school and social gatherings. When kids are bullied they often wont say anything until they’ve hit their breaking point. At this time it might be to late. It is mostly the responsibility of a adult to pay attention to these “little things.” Bullying can eventually be cut down but never ended. There will always be judgement, and jealously. People will always compare themselves to others to try degrading them. It is necessary to always stick up for yourself.

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