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Affirmative Action was created to stop discrimination, but is it really doing that, or is it making it worse? Affirmative Action is essentially a set of rules describing how people would be selected for various things like jobs and admission to schools, based on things like race, ethnicity, or gender. If the applicant is part of one of a minority group then under Affirmative Action they get significantly favored over other applicants. (Mack, “Affirmative Action: The New Racialism?”) Affirmative Action tells people to look at race, ethnicity, or gender over the merits of an applicant. The problem with this is already evident, the definition of discrimination is “treatment or consideration of, ...view middle of the document...

" It also created the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity to advise the president and make suggestions on matters of equality. (NCSL, “Affirmative Action Overview”)
The first time that progress was made for employment opportunities for African Americans and women was during the labor shortages of World War II but this did not solve the problem as people came back and the labor shortage ended racial and sexual segregation became an even bigger issue. There were whole industries that where all-white and all-male, like police department and fire departments. In many places like grocery stores, department stores, and factories White people always got the line jobs or clerk jobs, or manager jobs, where African Americans got the low jobs like Janitors, elevator lift operators, and other such low jobs. In addition to this they where underpaid for the work that they did. The few African Americans who managed to get into and graduate from college still ended up being bellboys, or porters, If they got lucky they could land in a very rare teaching role and an all-black school. By 1954 only about one percent of entering freshman were black. Woman had to face other barriers, like it was very hard for a women to get into any form of college, and most employers viewed women as only part time or temporary workers, meaning there were kept from any job requiring a lot of training, skills, or education. Even job listings in newspapers were segregated by gender. Woman who managed to get similar jobs as men faced lower pay and fewer benefits. They would often lose their job if they got married or pregnant. (Clinton Administration, “Affirmative Action: History and Rationale”)
So the first tasks for Affirmative Action policies were to improve opportunities for African Americans and woman. In 1954 school segregation was eliminated, but by 1965 only 5% of undergraduate students were African American. President Johnson signed in an Affirmative Action Executive order in 1965 that extended Affirmative Action policies to cover education. Over time schools implemented the new policies, and enrollment of African Americans and Latinos started increasing steadily, however even today the gap between minorities and majorities still remain. In 2011 data collected by the National Center on Education Statistics found that 69 percent if white high school graduates went to enroll into college, where as only 65 percent of African Americans graduates, and 63 percent of Hispanic graduates went on to college. (NCSL, “Affirmative Action Overview”) While gaps still do exist, there are some really good outcomes from affirmative action for instance women are now going into bachelor and masters degree programs as much as men. (Clinton Administration, “Affirmative Action: History and Rationale”)
There are many Affirmative Action Laws in place now, for instance in 1970 it was discovered that the state of Alabama was refusing to hire African Americans. In fact in thirty-seven years they had...

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