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Stuff Is Good Essay

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Stuff Is Good Into the room enters a mother with her young child who is about to take his first steps. The mother holds her child for the first few, then lets him go on his own. You see an old man sitting on the couch who looks like a grandfather. He sees his grandson walking towards the couch and gets up. He kneels down and opens his arms up as if to tell the child to walk to him. The child makes his way to the grandfather. He then walks right through him as if the grandfather isn't there. There is a look of huge disappointment on the grandfathers' face. The screen then fades away and the words "BE THERE TOMORROW, QUIT TODAY" appear on the screen. I used to smoke before I saw this commercial, then I realized the severity of it. If you ever ask yourself the question "Do ads really do anything or serve any purpose?" my answer is yes.Advertising definitely targets viewers through emotional appeal. I saw that commercial about a week ago and it has been ingrained in my head ever since. I kept smoking for two more days, but I just couldn't get that commercial out of my head. I kept seeing the child walk right through him and I couldn't take it anymore. Advertising sometimes uses graphic images to "scar" the viewers or persuade them. It is not always to buy a product but it can be to do something like quit smoking or stop using drugs or something to that nature. People say that they ignore ads and that they do not affect them. This is obviously not true due to my little example. If it affected me it surely affected many other smokers and non-smokers. Their effects on us are subconscious. They are like the air we breathe but we just don't notice it.This next example may sound funny but I am completely serious. If you have ever stayed up late watching television then you have probably seen the advertisement for Blouissant breast enhancer. This ad can make women feel uncomfortable with their personal appearance by showing flat-breasted women. They make it seem like bigger chest size is the key to eternal happiness. They show a Baywatch type woman walking with a handsome man on the beach looking ever so happy. They also make it seem like it is a successful thing to have a bigger chest size. "It will give you...

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