Stuggles Of Women From Two Different Points Of View

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“Hills like White Elephants” was written by Ernest Hemingway was first published in August of 1927. The other work that I have chosen to compare with the short story is “Black Woman” written by Georgia Douglas Johnson which was first published in 1922 during the Harlem Renaissance. The short story “Hills like Whit Elephants” is about a woman who is pregnant out of wedlock. The man in the story is trying to make her have surgery to remove the child, like an abortion. But the woman is debating about keeping the baby and making their relationship work with the child in their lives. She thinks that maybe having the child will make their relationship stronger.
The poem “Black Woman” is depicting a colored woman who is talking to her unborn child that is inside her and begging the child to not be born into this world yet. She is that the world is a terrible place for her to raise the child. The mother’s fears are that the child will be treated very horrible and having to live the life of a colored. She even goes into the poem stating that is going to take the life of her baby and herself, so that she doesn’t have to raise the child in the conditions. Both of these works are similar and yet so different in terms of literature. They are both dealing with the struggles of the woman when they are expecting a child when there is an unstable future. However, I believe that Johnson’s work accurately portrays the struggles of the woman over Hemingway.
The first topic that can be brought up is the point of view in Johnson’s poem shows the struggle, pain, and fear more than the woman depicted in the short story by Hemingway. This is also a valid point because the woman in the poem is colored; only adding to the pain that she is feeling towards bringing a baby into the world. She is trying to convey that the world is a horrible place and it not the place to raise a baby. As stated, “Don’t knock at my door, little child, I cannot let you in, you know not what a world this is” (Johnson). She is begging and begging the baby not to come, that they do not know what the world is like and all the evil that is in it. Another example is “Don’t knock at my heart, little one, I cannot bear the pain. Of turning dear-ear to your call” (Johnson). The woman is stating that she cannot bear the pain not being able to answer the child’s call that it wants to come into the world, she is also very saddened that she has to turn a deaf ear to the child’s calls.
The impact of the poem on the reader is very sad and depressing. This shows to them that the pain the woman is experiencing is very real and in a way can connect with the woman. It shows that world can be a dark and evil place for those that are easily taken into the horrible life that it can offer. The poem shows that the times being reflected in the poem are very negative and unforgiving to colored people and women, it is saddening to think that a mother would want to harm themselves and their children all so that they...

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