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"monster" created through scientific experiments that resembles many of the "unlucky" humans that are not part of the norm in k" they brought upon earth. As creator of the monster, sees his creation like many mothers and fathers of the world, afraid ofis, he becomes more and more hateful society parents, and himself. Many more knowledge about how prejudiced aIn Frankenstein, Mary Shelley society. Frankenstein, the his the "hideous freaportrays a nd drechilangry at society, the monster begins to acquire n experience For example, when the monster is first born, or created, he already gets a taste of how society will treat him. His own " the monster as "Beautiful! Great God! His as well, and become angry and vengeful people, like Frankenstein's neath… his teeth of , Frankenstein's opinion is quickly changed as the monster comes to life. Frankena pearly whiteness…" (p. yellow skin scarcely covered the work of … I beheld the wretch-The miserable monster whomuscles and arteries befather," first praithis prejudice 42) I had created." "I nearly sankhorror, I felt bitterness of disappointment…" (p. 43) This scene is very similar to many abnormal children in the worldactual babies come to life into this the parents thinkHoweverstein "started from (in horror… my and extreme weakness. Mingled cworld,. Before to the ground this) sleep hrough languor expect the child to be twith this the onvulsedm very highly of them and teeth chattered, and want to just abandon him. It is not fair to the ones created, for they have had no part in saying if they really want to come out toto live, bu In another example, the monster learns that society in t the parents or creators bring in he best ht upon this worcondition.general will not accept him because of his differences inHowever, when the babies are brougthis world them out anyway. every limb sometimes even appearance. Everyone judges the monster by his external feats and runs in fwhen they see him. As the was a poor, helpless, miserable wretch.parents defy him and ear is with considerable I knmonster recounts, "It became ld, his own pain invade me on all sides, I sat down achildren grow and acquire more knowledge, they cannot learn to love because all their lives inflicted upon themnd...

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