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I often wonder what style is, and how does a person know when they are in possession of it. Style is one of the many things that seem to change form day to day for me, and I'm never sure where it might lead me. I think we all have our own style, but how can we get away from having the same style that other people have? When I look through magazines, all I read is the same thing over and over, in a little different style, or voice. Then, when I look out the window, I see people dressed in about the same fashions. These fashions may change from group to group, and age to age, but the idea of having ones own style seems to be hard to find. I think the only place where a person can have their own style is the home. But then we could fall victim to the Crate & Barrel style. For those who don't know, Crate & Barrel is a furniture store for people who like to copy the unique style of one another. So where this leads me is to the idea that the only real place where people can create their own style is in themselves.

I think the best place to see a persons individual style is in school. I remember when I was in school, I would dress similar to the people that I hung around with. But the person that I was and am today is nothing like the friends that I had and still have. I think when a person is able to find out how they are, and what they want a personal style emerges, and the best thing about this is that we can alter it and change things as we see fit. You're probably wondering, "How do I know when I need to change my style?". The only thing that I can say is this, you'll know when it is time to change. I know that when I get a certain feeling inside, I know that I have to change something so that I can feel better about myself, and the choices that I make. Like I said before, the style that we want is up to each person, and it is different for each one of us.

Another place where I see style is in reading. I think all the things I read have a different style. There are many styles for different areas of interest, and the best way I can explain them is to look at how these reading styles are used. I don't think we would be reading a style that was meant to be used in a magazine like SUCK in our Cultural Anthropology class. These are two different types of writing, and they are meant to be used in different contexts. I can't even imagine opening my text for Anthro. and seeing what I have seen in SUCK. I think I would surely ask for a drop slip and get the hell out of there. These two styles are meant for two different audiences, and all though, they possibly could teach the same thing, I don' t think people would give them a fair chance at proving there intentions. For example, I don't think SUCK would sell many copies if all the writing was done in an academic style. Like wise, I don't think to many people would take Anthropology seriously if the text was written in the same manner as SUCK.

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