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Style And Lore Within Bram Stokers Dracu La

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A man of the night; a creature of human destruction, Dracula is a force to be reckoned with. Johnathan Harker struggles throughout trying to escape from or stand against the count. Bram Stoker uses his personal styles to create a creature of Transylvanian lore known as Dracula.
Bram uses several different styles to tell his tale of the count and Jonathan. Bram’s novel is written in a gothic style sometimes referred to as a gothic romance (Garen 3). Bram’s use of the supernatural and the vampyric character as the main character. Dracula’s specific attributes underscore Dracula’s inhumanity. “[… After witnessing Dracula scale the castle wall like a lizard” (1). While Jonathan is struggling in the beginning, when he is trapped within the seemingly inescapability is typical of the Gothic style also the various settings including ghostly landscape of Transylvania, graveyards and Lucy’s tomb in London. Bram wrote his Novel in an Epistolary format. Epistolary is a series of letters, and Journal entries. Bram’s novel begins with a journal entry from Mr. Jonathan Harker (Garen 3). “3 May. Bistritz- Left Munich at 8.35 p.m. on 1st May, arriving at Vienna early next morning;” (Stoker 7). Some of the journal entries contain mundane details of his journeys. Bram starts to build suspense; after Jonathan hears warnings from the local residents, Jonathan begins to be concerned for his personal safety (Garen ). “She then rose and dried her eyes, and taking a crucifix from her neck offering it to me” (Stoker 11). When Jonathan finally makes it to the castle seeds of doubt and suspense are planted. They grew while Jonathan discovers more information about the count. As Jonathan stays with the count the reader gets more information about Dracula building the suspense one more because of the reveal of vampyric qualities. The ball keeps rolling building suspense when Jonathan announces his intent to leave Dracula’s castle. The narration Bram uses is first person but the first person bounces around from character to character; Brams disjointed approach helps disorient the story for the reader, Bram does this to confuse the reader to try and figure out what’s going on based on several separate accounts(1). Bram makes the reader wait several chapters to find out what had happened to the characters (1). Bram builds the suspense all the way till the end of the chase to kill Dracula and save Mina. All the style Bram uses are compacted into a big ball of the novel Dracula.
Bram did model Count Dracula on Vlad V of Wallachia and eastern European superstition of Vampires (2). When Bram wrote his novel he was able to pull out of a century-long tradition of vampirism interest, association with the exotic fantasies of romanticism and the theme...

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