Stylistic Analysis Of E.E. Cummings’ Poem [I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry It In]

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International Journal of Academic Research and Reflection
Vol. 2, No. 1, 2014
Progressive Academic Publishing Page 50
Sara Nawaz (Corresponding Author)
Nazish Andleeb, Email:
Khadija Anam, Email:
Iqra Aslam, Email: &
Sadia Sarwar
Department of English, University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan
In this article, stylistic features are used for the stylistic analysis of E.E Cummings' poem [i carry your heart with me (i carry it in].This analysis is done under the aspects of graphology,
syntactical, grammatical, lexical and phonological patterns. This analysis is helpful in
understanding the main idea of the poem that is ideal, selfless and profound love. The poet goes
in realm of love in his dedication to the "heart" that he carries. There is the spontaneous flow of thoughts and outburst of emotions for his beloved.
Keywords: Style, stylistics, selfless love, levels.
Leach (1969) defines style as "Style is the way in which something is spoken, written or performed." Style is choosing a right word at the right time at right place. It is concerned with the artistic expression of thoughts and ideas of writer. We can say that linguistic expression in
prose or verse is called style. The style of any writer has been analysed on the basis of the modes
of his vocabulary, his pattern of words, through his figurative language and by the personal
involvement of his emotions and attitude. Style is derived from the word 'stylus' which means "anything to write with". But after a passage of time its meanings were changed to "any pointed thing". The style is both individual and as a whole. We can say that, style is the manner of doing something. The style is both following and violating a rule. If you follow certain rules and
regulations during writing it becomes a stylistic value and if you violate the set patterns it
becomes a stylistic variation. It is the style of E.E Cummings that he violates the set patterns and
rules and regulations in his writings.
Short and Candlin (1989, p. 3) said that "stylistics is a linguistic approach to the study of the literary text. It has embodied one essential part of the general course - philosophy; that of combining language and literary study". Stylistics is the application of linguistic knowledge to the study of style. The word stylistics is derived from the style. Stylistics is the path that links the
thought of style in the analysis of a literary text with the help of linguistic tools. Stylistics refers
to the study of appropriate use of words or language in a sentence or writing. Stylistics is the
application of linguistic knowledge to the study of style. Widdowson(1975,p. 3)defines stylistics
as "The study of literary discourse from a linguistic...


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