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Stylistic Analysis Of News Report

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I. IntroductionNews report is very important in our daily life. It can report events in all fields, such as economy, politics, culture, military affairs and so on. To better understand news report, it is necessary to learn its style. In the following essay, I am going to analyze the stylistic features of a piece of news report.The news chosen is about German Prime Minister's refusal to UK Prime Minister's plea for urgent action on the euro. In terms of field, it is about politics. In terms of tenor, it is written by journalists for masses. In terms of mode, it is formal, written news report. It was chosen because it has a typical style. By analyzing it, we can have a better understanding of the style of news reports.II. Textual Analysis1. At the Phonological LevelAs a piece of formal written news, the news chosen doesn't apply to many phonological skills, such as incongruity, alliteration, assonance, reverse rhyme and so on. But it does use some skills to achieve stylistic effects. For example, the journalist used synaesthesia in the headline [1.1] to achieve his purpose.[1.1] Merkel mocks'impatient' PMIn the headline, each word contains the consonants /m/, which can create a strong feeling of mocking, and thus can draw readers' attention. If the journalist changed "mocks" into "deride" or "laugh at", the headline won't be so vivid and attractive.Besides, the journalist used pause to achieve some special affect. In [1.2], the dash means a pause. It shows Mrs. Merkel's hesitation of speaking her opinion. It also shows that Mrs. Merkel wanted to stress her opinion-"I don't think this would work".[1.2] Mrs. Merkel told the PM: "It is human to think the euro crisis could be solved in one fell swoop - but I don't think this would work."As we can see above, the use of synaesthesia and pause express more than is written. They can bring some useful effects to the news.2. At the Graphological Level"Graphological feature can make the news more interesting and attractive." (Zhang Delu and Zhang Guo, 2007:119) To make the text more interesting and attractive, the news chosen used the following graphological devices:Arrangement of the headline:As it is showed in [2.1], the way the news used to arrange the headline is "Along line followed by a short line". This can make the news more attractive.[2.1] Merkel mocks'impatient' PMCameron's euro crisis plea swatted awayBold types, capitals italics and space:To stress the most important points, the journalist used bold types, capitals, italics and space to highlight them. By reading the highlighted words, sentences or paragraphs, readers can save time and have a more clear understanding of the news. There are some examples in [2.2]:[2.2] Bold types: ANGELA Merkel has rejected David Cameron's plea for urgent action on the euro - and even branded the PM "impatient".Capitals: Eurobonds, City profitsItalics: The plan has the backing of US President Barack Obama - but Mrs. Merkel flatly refused to support it.Space: Each...

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