Subject What Are The Incidents Of History Referred In The Form Of Another Incident In Book 1 Of "Gulliver's Travel".

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Although it appears simple and straightforward on the surface, a mere travelogue intended solely for the amusement of children, Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift, proves, upon closer examination, to be a critical and insightful work satirizing the political and social systems of eighteenth-century England. Through frequent and successful employment of irony, ambiguity and symbolism, Swift makes comments addressing such specific topics as current political controversies as well as such universal concerns as the moral degeneration of man.Chapter -1There was s a temple which was unused 4 many years and it was polluted by foul murdered perpetrated within its walls. And it was decided that the temple should be used the site of Gulliver's captivity.Chapter-3Reldresal--he was the principle secretary for private affairs and later he became a good friend of Gulliver.Filmnap--- Flimnap, the treasurer, is a satiric representation of Walpole.Bolgolam--he was one of the most influential men in the kingdom, the admiral of the realm.Chapter--4The Lilliputians are divided politically into the low heels, equating to the English Whigs and the high heels representing the Tories. One of the Lilliputian prince's heels is higher than the other so he hobbles, a fictional representation of political instability in eighteenth-century England, where the King's son affected loyalty to the left but leant to the right. High heels exceed the low heels in numbers but the low heels have all the political power.There was also another controversy in religious matter. the present...

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