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Sublime was a band of the 90’s who played their first gig back in

the summer of l988. This performance that started the famous

Peninsula Riot of Long Beach, CA during the 4th of July. This band

was once the average garage band that every kid wants to be in. But

they changed from backyard beer buddies, into a great musicians.

Sublime began recording in early 1992 when they joined up with Long

Beach's local studio Skunk Records where they recorded they

incredible CD, 40oz to Freedom. The CD has sold 30,000 CD’s

without Distributor. The CD’s were sold out of the back of trunks in

the band member’s cars. The bands new release, Robbin The Hood,

sold over 2,000 CD’s in less than two weeks. This CD was a great mix

of new and different sounds. Both records were made for under

10,000 dollars. Sublime is not just a band, but a perfect example of

any beach dumb in CA.

Sublime is more of a mood and an attitude that applies to every

skater, surfer and snowboarder out there. The instant hit single, Date

Rape , blew up huge real quick. But the band once described

themselves, "we're not a one-off, blow-up all at once kind of band.

Our goal is to create a long career of catalog pieces and a loyal and

constantly growing fan base.” The tragic death of the singer,

songwriter and guitarist, Brad Nowell goal got cut short.. But not

before sublime which also included Bud Gaugh the drummer and

Eric Wilson the bassist, recorded a a great variety of music. The story

of Sublime is full of sad, strange twists, but this is the strangest, Since

Brad Nowell overdosed before his band became a big hit, before he

had a chance to become a big rock star, his death has been oddly

forgotten and it feels like he is still there playing and singing. Bradley

Nowell died on May 25, 1996, in a San Francisco hotel room, after

shooting up some heroin that was much too potent for his body to

handle. His death occurred seven days after his wedding to Troy

Denkker, who'd given birth to their son, Jakob, 11 months before the

release of Sublime, the album that would make his band famous. By

April 1997, a little less than a year after Nowell's OD, Sublime had

entered Billboard's Top 20, and the album's first single, the smooth,

and grooving song What I Got, went to Number 1 on the Modern

Rock chart. And that was only the beginning. Throughout 1997,

Sublime produced hit...

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